Is Cybil Fired? Is Holland Taylor Leaving The Morning Show?

In Appletv TV+’s ‘The Morning Show,‘ Cybil Richards is a key figure at the UBA and is actively involved in the network’s major decisions as its head of board members. In the third season, Cory’s plan to sell the UBA directly impacts Cybil’s future at the company. When a controversial comment made by Cybil (Holland Taylor) comes to light, her time at the UBA seemingly ends. Hence, viewers must wonder whether Cybil is fired and Holland Taylor is leaving the series. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Cory Topples Cybil

Cybil Richards is introduced in the series’ second season premiere, ‘My Least Favorite Year.’ She is an old board member of the UBA network, and her family was responsible for founding the company. Cybil is a seasoned board member and experienced in corporate politics. She serves as a foil to CEO Cory Ellison. In season 2, Cybil takes charge of the UBA after the network’s hand in covering up Mitch Kessler’s sexual misconduct puts them under public scrutiny. After steadying the ship and getting past the controversies, Cybil works closely with Stella and Cory to help UBA return to its former glory. Alex goes to Cybil in the third season after learning that Cory is trying to sell the UBA to billionaire Paul Marks.

Cory turns down Alex’s demand for a promotion and seat on the company’s board. As a result, she speaks with Cybil, who promises to deal with Cory. However, Cybil turns on Alex and scolds Cory for letting Alex have the power to go behind his back. In the third episode, Cory’s plan to sell the UBA to Marks is derailed by the string of leaked emails following the UBA’s hacking. However, Cory uses the opportunity to leak a racist comment made by Cybil during the hiring of Christine Hunter. As a result, Cybil comes under fire and is on the verge of being canceled. Cybil fails to clear her name after a one-on-one interview on TMS with Christine, leading to the board turning on her to save the network’s reputation. Ultimately, Cory’s plan to knock Cybil off the board succeeds, and she is seemingly fired when the board votes in favor of taking away her seat.

Holland Taylor Not Leaving The Morning Show

In ‘The Morning Show,’ actress Holland Taylor plays the role of Cybil Richards. Taylor started her acting career in the 1960s, appearing in stage plays. She transitioned to screen acting in the 70s and gained recognition for her performances in several television shows and films. Taylor gained wider recognition for portraying Judge Roberta Kittleson in the legal drama series ‘The Practice.’ She is best known for playing the role of Evelyn Harper in the sitcom ‘Two and a Half Men.’ Taylor joined the cast of ‘The Morning Show’ ahead of the show’s second season. She is credited as a recurring cast member for the second and third seasons. However, the sudden twist in her character’s storyline has sparked speculation that Taylor might be exiting the series.

In the third episode of season 3, Cybil is fired from her position as a board member following the accusations of systematic racial devaluing of employees at UBA. As a result, Cybil no longer has a role to play at the UBA and in the show’s overall narrative. Meanwhile, Cory plans to sell the UBA to Paul Marks, and it is evident that the UBA desperately needs new leadership. As a result, Cybil’s fall from grace could serve as the first stepping stone in UBA reforming itself internally and in the public eye. Therefore, Cybil might have a reduced role in the upcoming episodes before the character is entirely written off from the narrative. As a result, Taylor is likely to exit the series. However, neither Taylor nor the producers have hinted at the actress’ intention to leave the show. Hence, viewers can expect to see more of Taylor’s Cybil in the rest of the third season.

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