Is Dr. Jared Kalu Back? Why Did Chuku Modu Leave The Good Doctor?

In the first season of ABC’s medical seriesThe Good Doctor,’ Chuku Modu’s Dr. Jared Kalu doesn’t take much time to be friends with Dr. Shaun Murphy. As a surgical resident, he works along with Shaun and Dr. Claire Browne, with whom he forms a relationship. When the surgical attending Dr. Coyle sexually harassed Claire, Jared retaliates against the former physically, threatening his future at San Jose St. Bonaventure Hospital. Although he eventually manages to secure his position at the hospital, he doesn’t stay long at the establishment, which paves the way for Modu’s exit from the series. Ever since the actor’s exit, fans have been curious about the prospects of his return. So, is Modu finally returning? Let’s find out!

Is Dr. Jared Kalu Back?

Yes, Dr. Jared Kalu is back. In February 2023, ABC announced the return of Chuku Modu to ‘The Good Doctor’ to reprise his first-season character Jared. Modu’s first appearance following his return will be on the fifteenth episode of the sixth season, titled ‘Old Friends.’ “We couldn’t be more excited to have Chuku rejoin The Good Doctor family, and for the audience to learn what Dr. Kalu has been up to since he left St. Bon’s,” co-showrunner and executive producer Liz Friedman said about the actor’s return, as per Deadline.

Image Credit: Jeff Weddell/ABC

Modu’s Jared is slated to appear in seven episodes of the sixth season, which will make him an integral part of the rest of the current round. Jared will be arriving at St. Bonaventure Hospital with a billionaire patient, likely from Denver, Colorado. He may join hands with his close friend Shaun to save the patient and they may catch up about the developments that happened in their lives after Jared departed from San Jose. We can also expect Jared to make peace with Dr. Marcus Andrews, especially considering the tensions that existed between them, which also paved the way for the former’s exit from St. Bon.

Since Modu is expected to feature in seven upcoming episodes, Jared may remain in St. Bon for a considerable time. It will not be a surprise if Marcus and Jared reconcile, making the latter consider rejoining St. Bon as well.

Why Did Chuku Modu Leave The Good Doctor?

Chuku Modu left ‘The Good Doctor’ ahead of the medical drama’s second season. In the first season, Jared comes to know that surgical attending Dr. Coyle sexually harassed his girlfriend Claire. He physically assaults the attending, which makes Marcus Andrews fire him from the hospital. Jared doesn’t accept the same and sues the hospital for racial discrimination. After winning the lawsuit, Jared returns to St. Bon but he loses the support and respect of Andrews and Dr. Neil Melendez, the attending in charge of the surgical residents. Meanwhile, Jared receives a job offer from Denver and he accepts the same, which leads to his departure from St. Bon.

As of yet, ABC has not revealed the explicit reason behind Modu’s exit. Developer David Shore initially conceived the narrative of the second season with Jared as a part of the same, confirmed by himself in an interview given in March 2018. The network announced the actor’s exit in the next month, confirming that Jared will not be a part of season 2. “Nothing but love love love love love, I’m filled. If only you knew the good vibes and energy that’s in constant motion when the cameras aren’t rolling. Thank you all for teaching me more than you will ever know. Thanks for the love my peoples, on to the next one,” Modu shared after his exit.

Modu might have exited the show due to the difficulties the writers of the show might have faced while integrating Jared into the season 2 narrative, especially since he is away in Denver. Considering that it is difficult to focus on a character away from the series’ general setting, St. Bonaventure Hospital, Modu’s departure is understandable. The actor then went on to join the cast of renowned productions such as ‘The 100’ and ‘Captain Marvel.’ Although he left ‘The Good Doctor’ ahead of season 2, the actor was present in the first table read of the second installment.

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