Is Ed Baldwin Dead? Is Joel Kinnaman Leaving For All Mankind?

‘For All Mankind‘ is a science fiction drama series that charts an alternate history after the Soviets successfully landed on the moon first. As a result, the space race continues well into the 90s, and the race to Mars is the focal point for the show’s third season. Edward “Ed” Baldwin (Joel Kinnaman) is integral to the show’s narrative as he leads the Helios Mars Mission as its Commander. However, a shocking turn of events in the seventh episode will undoubtedly make viewers fear Ed’s fate. If you are wondering whether Ed dies, leading to the exit of actor Joel Kinnaman from ‘For All Mankind,’ we’ve got you covered! Here is everything you need to know in that regard! SPOILERS AHEAD!

Is Ed Baldwin Dead?

Edward “Ed” Baldwin is one of the main characters in ‘For All Mankind.’ He is a NASA astronaut who misses the chance to land on the moon with Apollo 10. However, in the third season, Ed returns to space and pilots Helios’ Phoenix spacecraft to Mars. While Ed fails to land on the Red Planet first and loses the race to NASA’s Danielle Poole, he successfully lands his crew on Mars. Ed and his crew are provided a ground-breaking opportunity when Roscosmos proposes a joint mission to extract water they have discovered under the planet’s surface.

In the seventh episode of season 3, titled ‘Bring it Down,’ Ed leads the Helios-Roscosmos joint mission to drill the surface and start extracting the water. However, during the mission, Danny Stevens’ anxiety leads him to make an error that proves fatal at the drilling site. The crew s forced to abort the mission as two astronauts, including Ed, are gravely injured. Danny rushes to bring Ed to the med bay, but the duo gets caught up in a giant sand storm. Just when it seems like Ed will perish, he and Danny hide inside a rover and save themselves from the storm. While Ed is alive for now, he is severely wounded and might succumb to his injuries if he doesn’t receive proper treatment.

Is Joel Kinnaman Leaving the Show?

In ‘For All Mankind,’ actor Joel Kinnaman essays the role of Edward “Ed” Baldwin. The actor is arguably best-known for his performance as Rick Flag in the DC Comics superhero films, such as ‘Suicide Squad’ and its sequel ‘The Suicide Squad.’ Kinnaman is credited as a series regular throughout the show’s first three seasons. However, the dire situation Ed Baldwin finds himself in might make some viewers wonder about Kinnaman’s future on the show.

While Ed might be killed off in the upcoming episodes, it isn’t very likely, given he is one of the most popular characters on the show. Kinnaman’s character is part of several ongoing storylines which would end on an anti-climactic note if Ed were to die. Moreover, in an interview in June 2022, Kinnaman hinted at his involvement in the show’s yet unannounced fourth season, which is likely still in development. Therefore, viewers need not worry about Kinnaman exiting the series just yet. Fans of the show can expect to see more of Kinnaman’s veteran astronaut in the remaining episodes of ‘For All Mankind’ season 3.

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