Is First Love (2022) on Netflix, HBO Max, Hulu, or Prime?

Directed by AJ Edwards, ‘First Love’ is a serene and poignant romantic drama movie, fresh as a coastal breeze. The high school-themed venture doubles as a coming-of-age tale, where protagonists Jim and Ann come close at an uncertain time in their lives, as the former’s high school life is ending. With his departure to the college looming large, the future of the budding love seems uncertain.

Moreover, Jim has to deal with his family’s burgeoning financial crisis, jeopardizing his chances with Ann. As all the bittersweet elements come together, the movie creates a celebratory and spirited ambiance that prepares one to stay strong and resilient amidst changing currents of life. Well, if you are eager to know more about the touching movie, we have all the details you need!

What Is First Love About?

‘First Love’ follows the reclusive Jim, who does not know too many people in his school. However, he meets Ann in the library, and early glances bloom into heartfelt communication. Though Jim gets her to speak to him by faking a note from a teacher, he later comes clean by confessing that he wrote the letter. Neither of them has experienced love before, and while strolling by the beach on a sun-soaked day, they feel the early pangs of romance.

However, Ann’s mother does not want her to miss out on life’s exciting opportunities, and she is ready to leap. Meanwhile, Jim struggles to keep the family together as his father copes with his unemployment amid a national economic crisis. Now that you know what ‘First Love’ is about, here are all the ways you can enjoy it online!`

Is First Love on Netflix?

No, the Hero Fiennes Tiffin-starrer is not available on Netflix. Nonetheless, the streaming giant offers romance movies for all age demographics, including the ‘After’ film series where Tiffin rose to fame. You can also add other feel-good romance ventures like ‘The Kissing Booth‘ and ‘The Half of It,’ which will be well up to your liking.

Is First Love on Hulu?

If you are looking for the title in Hulu’s repository, you may not find it since the streamer does not feature the film. However, the platform features enticing romance-themed movies with tones ranging from dramatic to comic; we recommend you watch ‘Endless‘ and ‘She’s All That.’

Is First Love on Amazon Prime Video?

For the record, the high school romance drama is yet to arrive on the sprawling platform of Amazon Prime. But if you have a subscription to the streamer, you can still consider watching similar alternatives like ‘Chemical Hearts‘ and ‘Love Everlasting.’

Is First Love on HBO Max?

Unfortunately, HBO Max does not offer the high school drama. However, the streaming giant provides other options to revitalize the butterflies in your stomach, including some of the timeless classics. If you have a subscription to the streamer, you can opt for ‘Say Anything‘ or ‘Endless Love‘ to empty your popcorn bucket.

Where to Watch First Love Online?

‘First Love’ premiered on June 17, 2022, in theaters across the US. Currently, the movie is unavailable on streaming platforms, but you can buy or rent the film on VOD platforms like Google Play, iTunes, and YouTube. So, if you seek to watch the movie as early as possible, you can purchase it on the aforementioned platforms or catch it in the nearest theater by booking your tickets here!

How to Stream First Love for Free?

Currently, there is no way to stream ‘First Love’ for free, and one can only hope it arrives soon on streaming platforms with free trial offers. That said, the director, crew, and cast members put a lot of time and effort into realizing the movie’s dreamy ambiance; hence, we recommend our readers appreciate their effort and pay for the content they wish to consume.

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