Is Grant Kelly Dead or Alive in Lost in Space Season 3?

Grant Kelly is a supporting character who finally makes an appearance in ‘Lost in Space’ season 3. Thought to be dead for many years and related to Judy Robinson, we see signs of the illustrious astronaut in previous seasons and learn that his ship disappeared during a failed mission. Now that he’s back, let’s take a look at how things unfold for Grant Kelly and whether he survives the explosive season 3 finale or not. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Is Grant Kelly Dead?

After believing her father to be dead for most of her life, Judy Robinson is finally reunited with Grant Kelly in season 3. She finds the celebrated astronaut cryogenically frozen and successfully revives him. From what he reveals, Grant was part of the secret mission 20 years prior, which was publicized as an exploratory mission to Alpha Centauri but was, in fact, meant to examine a rift in space. After going through the rift, Grant and his crew were stranded on their ship and eventually went into cryogenic hibernation to conserve oxygen.

Grant Kelly’s reawakening is a major turning point in the narrative, as it gives the stranded 97 children a chance to leave the desolate planet they’re trapped on. Hailing from an older era of space travel, Grant is an ace pilot and expertly maneuvers the Jupiter craft past the dense field of asteroids surrounding the planet. He then helps the children commandeer the Fortuna and fly it through a rift to rescue their parents. In a way, Grant is responsible for reuniting the families that are separated at the end of season 2.

Once he is back on his feet, Grant also joins the Robinsons in the effort against the onslaught of the Alien Robots. Despite a few close calls, including a perilous space drive with Judy soon after the father and daughter are reunited, Grant makes it alive till the end. He also seemingly grows quite close to the Robinsons, as we see them all eating dinner together in one of the closing scenes of the season 3 finale. Judy also finds a sense of closure after finally meeting her father and is able to stop pressuring herself to live up to his legacy.

For his part, Grant is proud of how his daughter has turned out. Though he admits regretting not being there while she grew up, it seems like he plans to make up for it by being a good friend to the Robinson family. The fact that Grant and John also briefly talk and clear any unsaid emotions bodes well for things turning out between them.

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