Is Hale Dead? Did Tessa Thompson Leave Westworld?

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The fourth season of HBO’s science-fiction series ‘Westworld’ depicts Charlotte Hale’s efforts to annihilate humanity to establish the superiority of the Hosts. With the help of William AKA the Man in Black and several other hosts, she nearly succeeds in the same by controlling human beings using her Tower. As the final step of her plans, she aspires to transfer the hosts to the Sublime, which leads William to question Hale’s tyranny and her choices. William’s subsequent realizations affect Hale’s fate, leading to a life-threatening confrontation between the two. Naturally, the viewers must be alarmed about the astounding character’s fate and Tessa Thompson’s commitment to the show. Well, here’s our take on it! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Is Hale Dead?

When Hale decides to transfer the hosts to the Sublime, William decides that he shouldn’t leave the fates of humans and hosts to the hands of his creator. He kills her and ensures that the principle of the survival of the fittest will dictate the fate of the world. Meanwhile, Hale gets rebuilt by her soldiers and comes to know that the Sublime has to be saved from William through a video Bernard had recorded before his death. She follows her creation to the dam where the door to the Sublime is located and kills him. She also transfers Dolores to the Sublime.

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After transferring Dolores, Hale opens her head, takes the pearl out, and destroys it herself. Her action ensures that she is dead. Hale has lived all her life to make her kind the superior species over human beings. However, her methods have made her a tyrant just like a human being who had treated hosts like puppets. Her efforts to increase the potency of the hosts have made them question her authority, which leads to chaos. As William destroys the human world, Hale doesn’t have a world to conquer, which marks the end of her purpose. Thus, she decides to kill herself.

However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that Hale will never live again. Since it is extremely easy to create her physique, anyone can insert a pearl in her body and rebuild Hale. Since Dolores, the original version of Hale, is alive, she may even consider recreating Hale for her final test/game if it becomes a necessity. Thus, it may not be true to say that Hale is dead for good. But as things stand, Hale’s death must have made the fans wonder whether Tessa Thompson had left the show. Let us share what we know.

Did Tessa Thompson Leave Westworld?

Neither HBO nor Tessa Thompson has revealed that the actor had departed from ‘Westworld.’ Hale’s death can just be an astounding narrative development conceived to wrap up the fourth season of the show. Since the character is a host, she can be brought to life back, indicating that Thompson can remain a part of the show’s cast if the fifth season gets greenlit by the network. Having said that, ‘Westworld’ has never shied away from wrapping up the story arcs of main cast members’ characters.

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Considering the departure of Rodrigo Santoro (Hector Escaton) or Anthony Hopkins (Robert Ford) from ‘Westworld,’ the show doesn’t usually refrain from bidding adieu to main cast members and their characters if necessary. If Hale’s version of Dolores or Hale herself isn’t necessary for Dolores’ final test, we may not be seeing Tessa Thompson in the potential fifth season.

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