Westworld Season 4 Episode 7 Recap and Ending, Explained

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The seventh episode of HBO’s science-fiction series ‘Westworld’ season 4, titled ‘Metanoia,’ follows Bernard Lowe and Maeve Millay’s efforts to save the world by fighting Charlotte Hale. The duo teams up with Ashley Stubbs and Frankie Nichols to put an end to Hale’s tyranny. Hale attempts to initiate the next step of her plan for the sake of her kind. As she sets out for the same, she encounters an unforeseen enemy. Christina and Teddy witness the changes that happen in their city together while the former seeks answers to several questions. The enthralling episode ends with astounding developments one after the other and here’s our take on the same! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Westworld Season 4 Episode 7 Recap

‘Metanoia’ begins with Bernard and Maeve arriving at the hydroelectric plant William has bought for Hale. Bernard opens the Sublime using his key and reveals to Maeve that he will help her reunite with her daughter in the Sublime if she helps him fight Hale to save the world. They join Frankie and Ashley. Together, the four of them arrive at the city to destroy the Tower and annihilate Hale. Before leaving for the Tower, Bernard tells Stubbs that the latter doesn’t make it out alive in his path to save the world. Stubbs accepts his fate and joins Frankie to find Caleb.

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Meanwhile, Hale announces to William and Caleb that she is going to transfer the Hosts’ consciousness to the Sublime so that they wouldn’t need to live among the humans anymore. When William questions the decision, Hale reminds him of the several host deaths that happened recently. William goes to meet his human version, who asks him to do what’s necessary. The host William kills the human William to end the latter’s suffering. Frankie and Stubbs find Caleb and the trio escapes from the Olympiad Entertainment building. Charlotte Hale prepares for her end in her human form as she wants to transfer herself to the Sublime.

Maeve and Bernard arrive at the Tower. Bernard reveals to Maeve that they all will die as per the path to save the world but their deaths are essential to leave behind some hope in the world. Maeve accepts and confronts Hale before the latter could transfer her consciousness to the Sublime. Maeve and Hale fight and the former gets killed by William, who arrives at the Tower by the time. He kills Hale next. He also encounters Bernard, who is in the middle of recording a video. William then kills Bernard as well.

Westworld Season 4 Episode 7 Ending: Why Does William Kill Maeve, Hale, and Bernard? What Does He Activate in the Tower?

When Hale prepares to transfer the Hosts’ consciousness to the Sublime, William raises several questions. He finds it hard to tolerate Hale’s commands that concern even his and fellow Hosts’ existence. As far as the host William is concerned, he cannot tolerate Hale attempting to change the fates of every host by a snap of her fingers. He seeks answers and guidance from the human version of himself, who reminds the host version that he isn’t a standalone entity. The human William knows that a piece of himself is present in his host version and guides the latter to the principle of “the survival of the fittest.”

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The human William has always believed in the same principle and he has set out to kill the Hosts because he believed that the humans are the “fittest” species over the Hosts. The host William follows the same principle and increases the frequency of the Tower’s controlling sound to the fullest so that the people of the city will end up fighting each other, resulting in chaos. By activating the Tower to its fullest capacity, William ensures that whoever has the potency to survive the chaos he has paved the way for will remain alive in the world.

To ensure the survival of the fittest, William has to keep Maeve, Hale, and Bernard out of the picture. In the eyes of William, they are the most powerful hosts, and killing them is a necessity for him to ensure that they will not continue controlling the world with a new order. Whether it be Hale or Bernard, they both aspire to bring order to the world according to what they feel is right. William, by this stage, wants the absence of orders except for the survival of the fittest. He wants survival to solely depend on one’s potency rather than superior power, like Hale or Bernard, dictating the same.

Why is Christina Invisible?

While the people of the city end up killing each other for the survival of the strongest, Christina and Teddy walk through the city to make sense of what really is happening. When every city folk fails to see her, Christina asks Teddy why she is invisible. Teddy answers that the city and the people are real but she is not. Teddy’s answer makes it clear that Christina isn’t an ordinary host like Stubbs or Caleb, who are very much engaged in the chaos that has ensued in the city. Christina can be a superior entity, built differently to mark the next stage of the Hosts’ evolution.

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Christina’s ability to control the actions of other humans and hosts explains how she isn’t similar to other hosts Hale has created. She can even be an extension of Hale’s existence rather than an independent entity, which explains why Teddy tells her that she isn’t “real.” With Hale’s death, she may have ceased to exist normally and may have become an invisible being.

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