Is Hugh Hefner in Pam and Tommy? Who Plays Him in the Show?

Image Credit: The New York Times/YouTube

Hulu’s ‘Pam & Tommy’ introduces a variety of iconic celebrities from the 1990s, using some interesting methods in an attempt to depict them accurately. From the titular couple to famous talk show host Jay Leno, the show is graced by versions of some very familiar faces. There is also talk of the iconic founder and editor-in-chief of Playboy magazine, who is seemingly good friends with Pamela, making an appearance on the show. So does the famous Hugh Hefner appear in ‘Pam & Tommy’? Let’s find out.

Is Hugh Hefner in Pam and Tommy?

While the actual publishing icon passed away before ‘Pam & Tommy’ was made, he is depicted as one of the characters in the series. Pamela and Hugh seemingly share a friendship on the show, and the former is said to have appeared in the latter’s magazine multiple times. In episode 5, when news of Pamela and Tommy’s lawsuit against Penthouse magazine makes the newspaper, we see Hugh in his signature attire, reading the very article.

Image Credit: The New York Times/YouTube

In fact, Tommy seems to think that the reason Penthouse magazine wants to publish still frames from the leaked tape is that Pamela is “Hef’s golden girl.” As a competing publication, Penthouse could have the motive to try and exploit someone who has appeared multiple times in Playboy. Thus, during a turbulent time for Pamela, Hugh seems to make an appearance on the show.

In reality, Pamela Anderson is well known for her appearances in Playboy magazine and has featured on the publication’s cover more times than any other model. She reportedly spent some time at the famous Playboy mansion and appeared to be quite close to Hefner. A lot of Pamela’s fame is also due to her appearances in Playboy magazine. In all, she reportedly appeared in the magazine fourteen times, starting from 1989 until her last shoot with Playboy in 2016. And so, Hugh Hefner is depicted on the show, and his character plays a relatively minor role in the tumultuous events that unfold around Pamela after her and Tommy’s private tape goes viral. Now let’s take a look at who essays the iconic Hugh Hefner in the show.

Who Plays Hugh Hefner in the Show?

The Playboy magazine founder and editor-in-chief, Hugh Hefner, is depicted by actor Mike Seely. Unlike some of the other cast members, like Lily James, who underwent hours of makeup every day to get her to look like her character, the process to turn Seely into a version of Hefner seems relatively less complicated. The actor — who has appeared in ‘The Wanderer,’ ‘Dark Waters,’ and quite a few other movies, series, and shorts — dons the role of Hugh Hefner for three episodes of ‘Pam & Tommy.’

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