Is Lifetime’s Rooming With Danger Based on a True Story?

Lifetime’s ‘Rooming With Danger’ stars Camila Senna as Angelina, a young woman who recently went through a heartbreaking breakup and is trying to move on with her life. When she looks for a new apartment, she meets Bianca (Daniela Rivera), who becomes her roommate. The latter seems to be an ideal roomie for her, but as time passes, Angelina doubts that her looks are deceiving and that she is excessively obsessed with her.

Angelina’s doubts turn into confirmation when she finds a baby monitor under her bed that Bianca strategically placed to intrude on her personal space. Helmed by Christine Conradt, the thriller drama movie touches upon various realistic subjects, such as obsession and intrusion, making many of you wonder if ‘Rooming With Danger’ is connected to an actual event. Well, let’s eliminate that doubt by exploring the same in detail, shall we?

Is Rooming With Danger a True Story?

No, ‘Rooming With Danger’ is not based on a true story. However, we can credit the intriguing yet realistic screenplay of the thriller film to the screenwriter John F. Hayes. It is he who conjured the story with his creative mind, brilliant writing skills, and his experience in the industry, having written screenplays for other Lifetime movies, such as ‘Deadly Cheers,’ ‘Vacation Home Nightmare,’ ‘My Nightmare Office Affair,’ and ‘Sins in the Suburbs.’

One of the reasons why several aspects of ‘Rooming With Danger’ might seem realistic to you is that cases of creepy roommates and overtly obsessive people are not unheard of in real life. Many of us have either been directly involved in such instances or heard about it from friends and relatives. Hence, it is natural why you might connect the movie to reality. Furthermore, there is another reason you might find the themes and elements of the Lifetime movie, such as an obsessive roommate, familiar.

It is not the first time these subjects have been explored on-screen, as various movies and TV shows have done so. One of the aptest examples is the 2011 thriller drama movie ‘The Roommate.’ Directed by Christian E. Christiansen, it follows a college freshman named Sara who ends up befriending her new roommate named Rebecca. What starts as a good friendship soon becomes more of an obsession as the latter becomes dangerously obsessed with Sara.

So, if Sara wishes to have a typical college experience, she must confront Rebecca and get to the bottom of the truth before things go from bad to worse. The characters of Rebecca from ‘The Roommate’ and Bianca from ‘Rooming With Danger’ share similar traits, including the fact that both become obsessive and intrusive when it comes to their respective roommates. Thus, we understand why you might find the story of the Lifetime film realistic and familiar. All in all, we can reiterate that ‘Rooming With Danger’ might have some relatable subjects and elements, but the fact remains that it is a fictional tale.

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