Lifetime’s Vacation Home Nightmare: Is the Movie Inspired by a True Story?

Directed by Lindsay Hartley, Lifetime’s ‘Vacation Home Nightmare’ is a thriller drama movie that revolves around a woman named Danielle Banks living in her rental. One day, she gets attacked in her residence out of nowhere, after which a suspicious Clean-Up Team lends her a helping hand to pick up all the pieces and return everything to their respective places. At first, she finds the head of the team, Anton King, quite charming, but only until she suspects that, instead of helping her, he might just be helping himself by cleaning up the evidence of his own crimes.

Later, Danielle discovers that Anton is ready to take drastic measures to silence her for good. The Lifetime movie touches upon several seemingly realistic and familiar subjects, including two-faced people and how people should be careful who they trust. Moreover, history proves that way more horrible and terrifying things have happened in real life, so it is valid for you to ask — is ‘Vacation Home Nightmare’ based on true events? Well, in that case, we have got you covered!

Vacation Home Nightmare is a Fictional Tale

‘Vacation Home Nightmare’ is not based on a true story. Instead, the enthralling storyline can be credited to the creative mind and brilliant writing of John F. Hayes. Previously, he has worked as a screenwriter for several thrillers, including ‘Deadly Cheers,’ ‘My Nightmare Office Affair,’ and ‘Waking Up to Danger.’ Thanks to his years of experience and exceptional pen skills, Hayes developed a thrilling screenplay for the Lifetime film.

The main reason you might try to connect the film to reality is that it highlights several true-to-life themes and elements, as mentioned above. This includes deceit and the horrifying home invasion case, which seem familiar to many. That is because these subjects are touched upon in many movies and TV shows, over the years, such as ‘Dexter‘ and ‘You.’ However, one of the aptest examples has to be that of the Netflix film ‘Intrusion.’

The Adam Salky directorial stars Logan Marshall-Green and Freida Pinto in the leading role of husband and wife Meera and Henry Parsons, respectively. When the couple moves to their dream house, it gets invaded, leaving Meera traumatized. While she gets supported by her husband to process the traumatic experience, she slowly realizes that she might not be familiar with the true nature of the people around her, including Henry.

As you might have gathered, there are various parallels between ‘Vacation Home Nightmare’ and ‘Intrusion,’ mainly the subject matters and overall vibe of the two movies in question. Furthermore, no matter how horrifying and traumatic the themes in the film are, such instances have happened and continue to occur in real life, which is another reason why you might wonder if the Lifetime thriller is based on true events. Considering all the things mentioned above, it would be fair to say that although ‘Vacation Home Nightmare’ involves imitates true-to-life elements, its story has nothing to do with reality.

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