Is Nat Scatorccio Dead? Did Juliette Lewis Leave Yellowjackets?

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Portrayed by Juliette Lewis as adult and Sophie Thatcher as teen, Natalie “Nat” Scatorccio is an important character in the Showtime series ‘Yellowjackets.’ In 1996, she is one of the better soccer players on the WHS Yellowjackets team and becomes part of the group heading to the nationals in Seattle. After the plane crash, she emerges as a proficient hunter, bringing food for the survivors until winter sets in and resources become scarce, prompting them to resort to cannibalism. In the present day, we learn that Nat has struggled to assimilate back into society since the Yellowjackets’ return to civilization. She has addiction issues, often ending up in rehab centers.

After the death of Travis Martinez (Andres Soto as adult; Kevin Alves as teen), who she had grown romantically close to while they were in the wilderness, Nat refuses to believe he could have committed suicide and begins investigating, which brings her to the Camp Green Pine, a wellness community run by another survivor, Lottie (Simone Kessell as adult; Courtney Eaton as teen). If events depicted in the season 2 finale of ‘Yellowjackets’ have made you wonder whether Nat is dead and Lewis has left the series, we got you covered. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Nat Scatorccio Dies in Season 2

Yes, Natalie “Nat” Scatorccio is dead in the second season of ‘Yellowjackets.’ The teen version will continue to appear in the past, especially now as she has become the Antler Queen. In the present day, Shauna Melanie (Lynskey as adult; Sophie Nélisse as teen) takes the initiative to placate Lottie as the latter claims that they must sacrifice one of themselves to appease the Wilderness. After Lottie leaves, the others plan to have her institutionalized, though Van (Lauren Ambrose as adult; Liv Hewson as teen) convinces Taissa (Tawny Cypress as adult; Jasmin Savoy Brown as teen) that they must do it themselves.

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That night, the women use a deck of cards to choose the person to be sacrificed for the first time in about 25 years. When Shauna picks the marked queen of hearts, the others put on masks, grab knives, and come after her. Callie, Shauna’s daughter, tries to intervene by shooting Lottie in the arm. When the team that was supposed to take Lottie to a mental health facility doesn’t arrive, Van reveals she called them off, pointing out that Lottie is like this because of them.

Lisa, one of the residents of the camp, appears with a shotgun and points toward the Yellowjackets. Seeing an opportunity, Misty tries to stab the younger girl with an injection filled with either fentanyl or a phenobarbital solution, but Nat puts herself between them and is stabbed in her neck. After she dies in the arms of an inconsolable Misty, the Yellowjackets claim she overdosed. The supernatural remains an integral part of the narrative. With Nat’s death, the Wilderness is supposedly satisfied, and the problems in the lives of the others are seemingly resolved.

Juliette Lewis’s Exit from ‘Yellowjackets’ Confirmed

As her character is dead, it’s safe to assume that Lewis has left ‘Yellowjackets.’ The adult Nat is one of the most popular characters in the show, so her death must have come as a surprise to the fans. In an interview with Harper Bazaar, episode director Karyn Kusama reflected on Nat’s transformation into an antagonist and how fitting the death was for her.

“… I think it was pretty brilliant to be setting up Natalie as the antagonist to this whole experience,” Kusama said. “In her adult life, she’s the person who has the most open hostility, aggression, and regret for the whole experience—like a chip on her shoulder. Then to reveal that, in fact, she became the next in line to ascend the throne of some kind of psychological power over everyone. It’s so tragic to me. And it explains so much about Natalie, and I hadn’t anticipated how powerful that was going to feel for me.”

Active in the industry since 1980, Lewis has appeared in ‘National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation’ (1989), ‘What’s Eating Gilbert Grape’ (1993), ‘From Dusk Till Dawn’ (1996), ‘Wayward Pines’ (2015-2016), and ‘Queer as Folk’ (2022). She received an Oscar nod for her performance in Martin Scorsese‘s ‘Cape Fear’ (1991). Lewis is slated to appear in Elliott Lester’s upcoming film ‘The Thicket.’

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