Is Netflix’s All the Places Based on a True Story?

Written by Adriana Pelusi and helmed by Pitipol Ybarra, Netflix’s ‘All the Places’ (originally titled ‘A Todas Partes’) is a Mexican adventure comedy movie that follows the heartwarming story of an estranged brother and sister who reunite after 15 long years at their father’s funeral. To repair their relationship, the two decide on the spur of the moment to live out their childhood dream of taking a motorcycle road trip throughout Mexico. They meet new people and deepen their bond with one another as they travel a long and healing path.

The hilarious narrative is complimented by stellar performances by Mauricio Ochmann, Ana Serradilla, David Chocarro, and Diana Bovio. Many viewers will indeed identify with the movie’s depiction of a sibling relationship, which keeps them interested from start to finish. Given the movie’s portrayal of a sibling bond and themes of rediscovering oneself, viewers must wonder if the narrative is inspired by actual events. If you are looking for answers about the inspiration behind ‘All the Places,’ here is everything you need to know!

Is All the Places a True Story?

No, ‘All the Places’ is not based on a true story. It is a remake of the 2018 German movie ’25 km/h.’ The plotline of both films is precisely the same, with two estranged siblings achieving their childhood dream of embarking on a road trip through their country on motorcycles. Through their cross-country adventure, the siblings mend their differences and renew their purpose in life by creating new memories. The only difference between the films is while in ’25 km/h,’ the siblings are two brothers, in ‘All the Places,’ they are a brother-sister duo. However, the film is rooted in reality, which most viewers would relate to.

Most of us who have siblings know that we can’t live with them, nor can we live without them. The director has done a great job of portraying an honest and real sibling relationship filled with arguments, love, and adventure. The hilarious prank and sarcasm scenes of the film elevate the whole narrative, which makes viewers relate to their own relationships with their brothers and sisters.

Furthermore, the theme of the protagonists reuniting after their father’s death speaks highly of how vital blood and family are. The siblings know all they have left to call their own is each other, and after being reunited, they muster up the courage and, in the spur of the moment, decide to cross off motorcycling through the country from their childhood bucket list. Viewers must be familiar with sibling adventure films such as ‘Spy Kids,’ ‘Jumanji,’ and others highlighting sibling bonds in their truest sense.

25 km/h

Ultimately, ‘All The Places’ is not based on actual events. The film might draw inspiration from certain real-life aspects, but it is primarily a fictional story based on the German movie ’25 km/h.’ The sibling relationship theme is presented in a new light and context where the complicated emotional relationships help all the main characters rediscover themselves. Therefore, the narrative is resonant for the viewers due to its layered and nuanced exploration of emotional complications from rekindling familial relationships.

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