Is Partner Track’s Arden Cho Dating? Who is Her Boyfriend?

Image Credit: Vanessa Clifton/Netflix

The multi-talented actress, model, and singer, Arden Cho is well recognized for her performance as Kira Yukimura in the supernatural teen-drama seriesTeen Wolf.’ Apart from this, she also has several TV shows like ‘Chicago Med,’ ‘Pretty Little Liars,’ ‘Tween Fest,’ ‘Miss 2059,’ and ‘Freakish’ to her credit. The winner of the 2004 Miss Korea Chicago contest, Arden has modeled for some major brands like Reebok, Nike, Apple, and Clinique. She went on to serve as the producer and star of the 2017 musical film ‘Stuck.’ Being a singer, she has a YouTube channel, ardenBcho, where she posts vlogs, singles, and music covers.

From debuting in the movie ‘The Break-Up’ with an uncredited role, Arden has reached new heights in her career by bagging the lead role in ‘Partner Track.’ It follows the adventures of Ingrid Yun, an idealistic NYC lawyer who is struggling between maintaining the moral high ground versus following her passions while pursuing to climb the career ladder as a partner in her firm. With Arden’s fan base now increasing as the series put her face among a much larger crowd, fans must be curious to know more about her life behind the screen. If you’re one such fan eager to learn more about her, here’s what we found out!

Arden Cho’s Family and Background

Born in Amarillo, Texas, Arden Cho hails from a close-knit Korean-American household. Her parents are Young Nim Kang and Sang Ho Cho. The actress also has a brother Jason Cho with whom she’s quite close. Arden’s father is a grand-master in Judo; she grew up training with him and earned a black belt herself. She describes herself as a “daddy’s girl” and often shares childhood pictures on social media, reminiscing her time with her family. Arden and her brother grew up in San Antonio and Plano, Texas.

Arden has often been vocal about the traumatic experiences she endured in her childhood due to racist bullying. She told CAAM, “I received tons of racism. I’ve been beat up twice because of it and called every bad name in the book that you can think of that you can call an Asian person.” She also opened up about being hospitalized after being attacked. “I was hospitalized twice when I was a kid. I was pushed off a bus.” In another incident, “I had two teeth knocked out, a chipped tooth, [and] I still wear a wire . . . my entire face was cut up. It was bad. It took me six months to completely recover,” Arden recalled.

Arden later graduated high school in 2003 from Apple Valley, Minnesota, and went to college at the University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign with the aspiration to be a lawyer. However, her life had other plans for her, as it was in college that she first got interested in drama and took up classes that further made her inclined towards taking it up as a profession. She also got a better exposure to the larger Asian American culture and even participated in their cultural fashion shows.

Arden graduated from college in 2007 with a degree in Psychology and visited Kenya on a medical missionary trip for the summer. As a kid, she was enthusiastic to try everything from tap dancing, ballet, cello, and piano, to gymnastics, softball, etc. All this came in handy when she landed in the entertainment field and was building her resume in the process. Post-college, Arden began her journey as a professional artist by moving to Los Angeles and taking up odd jobs and some uncredited roles, which further led her to more promising ones.

Arden Cho’s Ex-Boyfriend

Arden Cho was in a relationship with Youtuber and internet personality Ryan Higa for a few years, which they officially announced in February 2019. The two met while working on the 2010 short film ‘Agents of Secret Stuff,’ which was co-presented by Ryan himself. Arden further appeared in numerous more skits which were released on Ryan’s YouTube channel, even before she worked on the famous TV and film projects. Having known each other for such a long time, they eventually began to develop a bond but had not made it evident to their fans.

Because they were great friends for a long time, it is unclear when they actually began dating. It was most likely around 2017; however, Ryan first announced it in an episode of his podcast ‘Off the Pill.’ He then dropped a video on his channel about his relationship, with the title ‘Revealing My Not-So-Secret GF!’ In the video, Ryan said, “I have just released that I’m dating Arden, which most people already know. Yeah, we’ve been dating for a long time. People have seen us in public together, we’ve been in pictures together, we took trips together, we don’t really go out of our way to hide it, we’ve just never announced it.”

Sadly, the pair broke up in 2020, about a year after announcing their relationship. Although the reasons for the split of the beloved pair are unknown, it was reiterated that the breakup was mutual and amicable. In March 2020, Ryan made the announcement in a video titled ‘My Midlife Crisis,’ wherein he confirmed, “I am no longer dating anyone. I’m not dating Arden anymore.” He further went on to clarify that it was a non-messy mutually agreed decision, which was later, however, crippled by some rumors of infidelity.

A few days after the release of the video, there were some hidden messages shared by Arden, which talked about lies and a sad song. Although the cryptic posts were believed to be about Ryan for a while, the Youtuber immediately stated that they were not about him and that he never cheated on Arden. Hence, this was it for the fan-favorite relationship, since after that, they have never been seen together.

Is Arden Cho Dating Anyone?

No, Arden Cho does not seem to be dating anyone. Post her breakup with Ryan Higa, which had become quite a public affair, the ‘Teen Wolf’ actress has preferred to keep her dating life a private matter. From the looks of it, she is now single and purely focused on achieving further heights in her career, and the show ‘Partner Track’ must be a significant step toward that goal.

In February 2019, she became the Chief Executive Officer of a NY-based watch company called Leonard & Church. In August 2022, Arden added another feather to her cap when she got cast as June, the Shirshu-riding bounty hunter, in the live-action ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender series.’ Thus, we only wish her the best for her future projects and endeavors.

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