Is Prince Graydon Dead? Did Tony Revolori Leave Willow?

Image Credit: Amanda Searle/Lucasfilm Ltd./Disney+

Portrayed by Tony Revolori, Prince Graydon Hastur of Galladoorn is one of the main characters of the Disney+ fantasy adventure series ‘Willow,’ which serves as a sequel to the 1988 film of the same name. Graydon makes his first appearance in the pilot episode, in which he arrives in Tir Asleen for the announcement of his impending marriage to Princess Kit. Graydon’s brother was initially supposed to marry Kit, but he died after falling from a tree. It is later revealed that Graydon, possessed by an evil entity, pushed his brother. At their first meeting, Kit and Graydon cannot be less interested in each other. After the Gales abduct Kit’s brother Airk, Graydon reluctantly joins the rescue party.

In the course of the season, it becomes apparent that while Graydon may not be a competent warrior, he is an exceptional scholar, multi-linguist, and musician. Later, he begins demonstrating he has a penchant for magic as well. If the events of the ‘Willow’ season 1 finale have made you wonder whether Graydon is dead and Revolori has left the show, this is what you need to know. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Is Prince Graydon Dead?

In ‘Willow’ episode 8, titled ‘Children of The Wyrm,’ Graydon, along with Jade and Boorman, takes a literal leap of faith from the edges of the Shattered Sea and ends up on the outskirts of the Immemorial City. They try to get into the temple undetected, but Lili / the Crone captures them and makes them part of the elaborate illusion she created to convince Elora and Kit to join her. Although both Elora and Kit vehemently reject the offer, they are unable to break out of the illusion. This is when Willow arrives and frees his fellow questers, including Graydon.

As the climactic battle against the Crone begins, Elora initially struggles against the evil sorceress. Although Elora is more powerful than the former princess of Cashmere, she is still controlled by her fears. When Elora loses the Cherlindrea’s Wand, Graydon picks it up and attacks the Crone, channeling all his passion into it. But it’s not enough, and the Crone seemingly kills him.

As the heroes leave after the Crone’s defeat, Elora declares that she will tell everyone of Graydon’s bravery. She seems to feel something but still joins the others on the way out of the Immemorial City. Meanwhile, Graydon wakes up in what looks like the battlefield from Willow’s nightmares, surrounded by dead bodies. An entity, probably the Wyrm itself, greets him while impersonating Elora. Standing in front of an army of terrifying creatures, the entity asks Graydon to join it.

While Graydon is probably dead, the world of ‘Willow’ is fantastical, and death is evidently not as permanent as it is in our world. He is either in the future, as Willow’s nightmares are supposed to be visions of the future, or in a world controlled by the Wyrm. Either way, he is still very much part of the narrative.

Did Tony Revolori Leave Willow?

No, Revolori did not leave ‘Willow.’ As his character remains an important component of the plot, the MCU actor is likely to reprise his role if there is a second season. It’s possible that we might see the Wyrm invading the world of ‘Willow’ with Graydon at its side, potentially making Graydon an antagonist, even if temporarily.

In an interview with Collider, Revolori stated that he was a fan of the original film, adding, “So when I got to join this whole thing, I was very excited and honored. And yeah, I mean, look: we had all the best creative team that we could have, that gave us the belief system, or gave me the belief system. And I wasn’t too nervous to be honest, because even when I got to set, I saw how wonderful my co-stars were and how wonderful the sets and costumes and everything were. And I just felt like, all right, regardless, I’m going to have the best time on this place and that’s going to make me feel way more comfortable.”

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