Willow Finale Recap and Ending, Explained

As the first season of ‘Willow,’ the Disney+ series serving as a sequel to the 1988 fantasy film of the same name, comes to an end, most of the plot threads explored throughout the season come to satisfactory conclusions. Those that remain open hint at the narrative of the potential season 2. In ‘Willow’ episode 8, titled ‘Children of The Wyrm,’ the questers face off against Lili / the Crone (Rosabell Laurenti Sellers), the Gales, and a corrupted Airk (Dempsey Bryk). Elora (Ellie Bamber) and Kit (Ruby Cruz) face their doubts and fears so they can embrace their destiny. Here is what you might want to know about the ending of ‘Willow’ season 1. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Willow Episode 8 Recap

The season finale takes up the narrative immediately after the end of the previous episode, with Elora and Kit arriving at the Immemorial City and encountering Airk. With his hair short, Dempsey Bryk’s Airk looks like a mirror image of Val Kilmer. The two girls can immediately tell that there is something deeply wrong with Airk. He may be physically there with them, but his mind is trapped in a prison created by the Crone. Moreover, as Kit readily admits, her brother can be pretty gullible. In the penultimate episode, after Airk drinks from the fountain with the yellowish liquid, he begins seeing Lili. The finale depicts his complete transition into Queen Bavmorda’s heir.

As Airk guides the two girls into the temple, the Crone waits for them as Lili. She draws them in with promises of everything they have ever wanted, but both Kit and Elora manage to break free, and Elora even gets over her infatuation with Airk in the process.

Meanwhile, at the edge of the Shattered Sea, Graydon (Tony Revolori), Jade (Erin Kellyman), and Thraxus Boorman (Amar Chadha-Patel) decide to take the leap of faith and arrive at Immemorial City. They try to sneak into the temple but are caught in the Crone’s illusion, turning into wedding attendees at Airk and Elora’s wedding. Although Elora rebels against the Crone, her fears prevent her from using her powers. It is then that Willow arrives and breaks the illusion.

Willow Ending: Is Graydon Dead? Is He in the Future?

During her confrontation with the Crone, Elora tries to use Cherlindrea’s Wand, but she initially proves no match for the evil sorceress. Graydon picks the wand up and pours all his passion into his attack on the Crone. He nearly succeeds in breaking through the Crone’s defenses, but his magic runs out before that happens. As Elora and other questers look on horrified, Graydon is flung into the yellow portal and disintegrates, leading his friends to believe he is dead.

Toward the end of the episode, the survivors vow to keep Graydon’s memory alive and depart. Elora seems to feel something, though she still joins the others. In the final sequence of the season, Graydon wakes up in what looks like the battlefield from Willow’s dreams, surrounded by numerous dead bodies. So, he is either in the future or trapped in a realm controlled by the malevolent godlike entity that appears to be the primary antagonist of the series. Something impersonating Elora, likely the Wyrm itself, appears before Graydon. This “Elora” has short hair and isn’t burdened by fears, unlike the other one. Standing in front of her army of nightmarish creatures, the evil Elora asks Graydon to join her.

The writers are clearly trying to build up a narrative around a potential relationship between Elora and Graydon, which will likely be one of the major aspects of the narrative in the prospective second season. If Graydon comes under the evil Elora or Wyrm’s control, this relationship can take an antagonistic turn before things get better between them. Graydon may not be susceptible like Airk, but he killed his older brother while apparently possessed by an entity. So, there is evil inside of him, and the Wyrm will likely exploit that.

Why Does the Kymerian Cuirass work for Kit and not others?

The questers find the Kymerian Cuirass underneath the troll city of Skellin. Created ten thousand years ago by Annabel, a fay of the grove, so one of her sons, Thuul, can defeat the other, Tiberius. After forging the Cuirass out of pure Khromium, Annabel creates the Lux Arcana, which serves as the key to activate the Cuirass. Madmartigan had been looking for it when he went missing. Sorsha told Willow that she sent her husband out to find the Cuirass in the hopes that it would be enough to protect the world from the Crone. She didn’t want to burden Elora with her destiny and hoped she would have a normal life.

However, destiny unfolds as it was always supposed to. Willow reveals Elora is a descendant of the Kymerian imperial family. Given that Kit emerges as her protector in this episode, it stands to reason that the Cuirass works for her and not Boorman or Allagash.

Is Lili / the Crone Dead?

Yes, Lili or the Crone is most likely dead in ‘Willow,’ The Crone is the primary antagonist of the show’s first season, but it is revealed that she also answers to someone, and that’s the Wyrm. Years ago, Lili used to be the princess of Cashmere. The Order of the Wyrm abducted her and brought her to the Immemorial City, where she was brainwashed just like Airk and turned into the Crone.

Years later, Bavmorda would also be brought there by the Order, and the Crone turned her into the Harbinger of the Wyrm, the one who would free the Wyrm from its prison beneath the surface of the world. After Bavmorda’s death, the Crone targeted those with her blood — Sorsha, Airk, and Kit. In the season finale, Elora overcomes her fears and takes on the Crone. The forces of good and evil collide, with the former emerging victorious and killing the Crone.

Does Airk Remain the Harbinger of the Wyrm?

As the Crone dies, she transforms Airk into the Harbinger. Earlier, even Jade and Kit fighting together were no match for the corrupted Airk. With the powers of the Harbinger, it would have been an easy victory for Airk if it weren’t for the Cuirass. Kit defeats her brother but finds herself conflicted about whether to kill him. In the end, Willow takes out the gem from his staff and gives it to Kit. She uses it to reach out to Airk, reminding him of their shared childhood and bringing him back.

As the season ends, the Wyrm is still out there. The incidents in the Immemorial City have only made it angry. We know that Airk is free from its control. What is left vague is whether this is permanent or not. A part of the corruption might have remained within him, and it can resurface in the future. Kit clearly used magic to strengthen their connection to bring Airk back. It is also possible that the corruption has seeped into her and might rear its ugly head later.

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