Is Sheriff Haskell Dead or Alive in Yellowstone? Is Hugh Dillon Leaving Yellowstone?

Yellowstone‘ is known for morally ambiguous characters who operate on both sides of the law. The eighth episode of season 4 tries to provide a more definitive take on the ethically grey region in which the characters act. In the episode, John and Rip find themselves in an unexpected situation alongside Sheriff Haskell (Hugh Dillon).

The situation quickly escalates and culminates in a shoot-out, and Sheriff Haskell gets caught up in the heat of the action. As a result, viewers must be worrying about Sheriff Haskell’s fate and actor Hugh Dillon’s future on the show. If you wish to find out what happens to Sheriff Haskell in ‘Yellowstone’ and how it will affect Dillon’s time on the show, here’s everything you need to know! SPOILERS AHEAD!

What Happens to Sheriff Haskell in Yellowstone?

Donnie Haskell is a supporting character in ‘Yellowstone’ and the Sheriff of Park County, Montana. Sheriff Haskell is first introduced in the eighth episode of season 1 titled ‘The Unravelling: Part 1.’ He is a good friend and close acquaintance of John Dutton. Sheriff Haskell is forced to open an investigation into Rip Wheeler after the cowboy’s actions land him in trouble. However, Sheriff Haskell works with John and Jamie to help put the lid on the matter as best as possible.

Sheriff Haskell appears sporadically throughout the show’s four seasons, mainly acting alongside John and helping the Dutton patriarch with matters within the bounds of law enforcement. A recent example of the same is in the fifth episode of season 4 titled ‘Under a Blanket of Red’ wherein Sheriff Haskell and John work together to dispel a group of protestors. Actor and renowned singer Hugh Dillon essays the role of Sheriff Haskell in the series. He is best known for playing the lead roles of Mike Sweeney in ‘Durham County’ and Ed Lane in ‘Flashpoint.’

Is Sheriff Haskell Dead? Is Hugh Dillon Leaving Yellowstone?

Sheriff Haskell appears in the eighth episode of ‘Yellowstone’ season 4. In the episode, John and Rip are heading to the town for some work. During the trip, John has planned to meet up with Sheriff Haskell and discuss ways to take care of Riggins, the man who helped organize the hit on the Dutton family. However, when John and Rip reach the cafe where they are supposed to meet with Sheriff Haskell, Rip notices something is off. A group of thugs is trying to loot the diner, and Sheriff Haskell is one of the hostages inside. John and Rip intervene to save the hostages, and in the ensuing gunfight, Sheriff Haskell is critically wounded by a bullet.

John tries to help him, but Sheriff Haskell knows that his time is near. He wishes to speak with his daughter, but Sheriff Haskell succumbs to his wound before he can. Therefore, we can definitely say that Sheriff Haskell is dead. The decision to kill off the character might come as a surprise to some viewers. However, it is likely that Dillion’s character was killed off to allow the actor to focus on other projects.

In 2021, Dillion co-created the drama series ‘Mayor of Kingstown‘ with Taylor Sheridan. He also stars in the series as Ian Ferguson alongside Jeremy Renner’s Mike McLusky. It is likely that the makers and Dillion decided to wrap up Sheriff Haskell’s storyline so that Dillion could focus his efforts on ‘Mayor of Kingstown.’ Nonetheless, Sheriff Haskell’s death is a tragic moment that highlights the character’s courage while having implications for John. With Sheriff Haskell’s death, Dillion’s time on the series has most likely come to an end.

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