Is Shiva Kalaiselvan’s Leyla Shinwari Leaving New Amsterdam?

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Dr. Lauren Bloom and Leyla Shinwari’s relationship in NBC’s medical series ‘New Amsterdam’ comes to a tragic end when the former buys a residency spot in New Amsterdam for her girlfriend through bribery. Bloom’s action — irrespective of her good intention — breaks Leyla’s heart, leading her to end the relationship and leave the hospital. After a considerable break, the two of them talk again, and they clear the tensions between them.

Bloom starts to work on herself, hoping that she will be able to reconcile with Leyla, only to encounter a startling predicament that may keep her ex-girlfriend away from her. Along with Bloom, the viewers must be concerned about Leyla’s future and Shiva Kalaiselvan’s commitment to the show. Well, let us share everything you need to know about the same! SPOILERS AHEAD.

What Happened to Leyla Shinwari?

After Leyla’s breakup with Bloom, the former leaves New Amsterdam without letting the latter know about her whereabouts. Leyla, however, eventually patches things up with Bloom to work under the same roof. Even though a relationship may not be an immediate possibility, Bloom tries her best to give her ex-girlfriend enough space for her to figure out her life. She remains hopeful that she can reconcile with Leyla as partners, only to come across a challenge that can affect the prospects of their potential reunion. In episode 16 of season 4, Leyla receives a call that informs her about a problem with her visa.

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Realizing that Leyla isn’t well, Bloom asks her whether she is fine. Leyla lets her know that she is being deported. The problem with her visa may force her to return to Pakistan. Since it is extremely hard to obtain another visa to come back to New York, Leyla may bid her adieu to Bloom, eliminating any chances of a reunion. As a long-distance relationship doesn’t sound probable, especially considering the unhealed wounds in their attachment, her return most likely means the end of the character’s journey in Bloom’s life and the show’s narrative. So, is Shiva Kalaiselvan leaving the medical drama? Let’s find out!

Is Shiva Kalaiselvan Leaving New Amsterdam?

Neither NBC nor Shiva Kalaiselvan has officially announced the supposed departure of Leyla from ‘New Amsterdam,’ indicating that the character most likely will continue featuring in the show. The concerns regarding the possible deportation can be a plot device to increase the tensions present in Bloom and Leyla’s storyline. In an interview in November 2021, showrunner David Schulner teased about leading Bloom and Leyla to a worrisome situation to see whether they will survive it together.

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The impending deportation can be the aforementioned situation, which seems like an intriguing part of the narrative rather than a gateway for Shiva’s exit. Instead of Leyla’s departure to her home country, we may see her trying her best to stay in the United States with the help of Bloom. As someone who can’t even accept Leyla moving to another state, Bloom may intervene to help her ex-girlfriend to resolve the problem with her visa.

Since she knows that the possibility of rebuilding a relationship with Leyla is under threat, Bloom may seek every help available to avoid the definite end of their togetherness. In the upcoming episodes, we may see Bloom and Leyla uniting to solve the concerns to ensure that the latter will stay in New York City to work near the former. Their potential union to find a solution for the same may also help them rebuild their relationship.

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