Is the Sacramentum in Wreck a Real Ship? Is Velorum an Actual Company?

Hulu’s ‘Wreck’ is a horror comedy series that follows Jamie Walsh, a teenager trying to uncover the mystery of his sister’s death. The British series is created by Ryan J. Brown and takes place on a grand luxury cruise ship. On the ship, Jamie gathers clues about his sister’s death while an infamous serial killer is at large. Given that the luxury cruise ship, the Sacramentum, serves as the primary setting for the show’s events, viewers must be curious to learn more about it. Similarly, Velorum, the company behind the ship, adds mystery and intrigue to the narrative. If you are wondering whether the Sacramentum and Velorum exist in reality, here is everything you need to know! SPOILERS AHEAD!

Sacramentum: A Fictional Paradise with Dark Secrets

The Sacramentum is introduced in the series premiere episode of ‘Wreck.’ It is a luxury cruise ship that serves as the primary setting of the show’s events. The ship houses several modern amenities one would expect from a luxury cruise and is no less than a paradise. Therefore, it is often described as the “Ship of Dreams.” However, the ship also harbors several dark secrets and has hidden secret passages and rooms. Moreover, not all areas are accessible to the officers, staff, and passengers. Given the complex nature of the Sacramentum and its in-story role, it is no surprise that the ship is not real.

The Sacramentum is a fictional ship that only exists within the show. Its name is derived from the Latin Sacramentum, meaning “oath.” However, the ship’s name does not seem to foreshadow any major plot threads. In reality, filming scenes featuring the Sacramentum’s interior took place at several places in Belfast, Northern Ireland. However, exterior shots of the ship were filmed with the real-life ship SS Nomadic. It is a historic ship built in 1911 and was designed by Thomas Andrews. It was used to transfer passengers and mail to and from RMS Olympic and RMS Titanic. The SS Nomadic is presently docked at Hamilton Dock on Queens Road in Belfast.

Velorum: A Fictional Luxury Cruise Corporation

Velorum is the owner of the Sacramentum and a multi-million dollar corporation. It owns and operates several luxury cruises for the wealthy and influential. However, the corporation itself does not have a major role in the first season. It is only mentioned in the passing and acts as a looming presence behind the functioning of the Sacramentum. Moreover, the main characters eventually discover the truth about the corporation’s motives opening the door for Velorum to play an important role in future installments.

As with the Sacramentum, Velorum is also a fictional corporation. While a few real-life businesses are using the name, none of them are invested in the luxury cruise landscape. Therefore, it is safe to say that there is no real-world inspiration behind Velorum. Instead, the corporation seems inspired by the tropes of the Young Adult/dystopian fiction genre. It is comparable to WCKD from ‘The Maze Runner‘ franchise or E Corp from the thriller series ‘Mr. Robot.’ Ultimately, Velorum is a shadowy corporation that mostly operates in the shadows and harbors several secrets the characters try to uncover.

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