Is Will Patton’s Garrett Randall Leaving Yellowstone?

The introduction of Jamie’s biological father, Garrett Randall, has proven to be a major game-changer in ‘Yellowstone.’ Will Patton’s Garrett has been an unconventional foe to the Duttons and, with his clever machinations, delivers a major blow to the powerful family. As the fourth season progresses, he completely manipulates Jamie into siding with him.

However, as things between Jamie and his adoptive father, John Dutton, are coming to a head, it appears that Garrett is stepping away from the scene. Does that mean Will Patton is exiting the series? Here’s everything you need to know about the future of Patton’s Garrett Randall on the series. SPOILERS AHEAD!

What Happens to Garrett Randall in Yellowstone?

In the fourth season of ‘Yellowstone,’ it is revealed that a man named Riggins is the one who organized the attacks on the Duttons. However, when Jamie looks into the matter, he learns that Garrett is connected to Riggins. He confronts Garrett, who confirms that he ordered the hit on the Duttons. He convinces Jamie that the Duttons are a thorn in his side and must be taken out.

Jamie sides with Garrett, and John announcing himself as the candidate for Governor of Montana proves to be the final straw in Jamie’s relationship with John. Jamie begins to prepare to run for Governor in opposition of John. However, in the ninth episode, Christina learns about Garrett’s criminal past while discussing their campaign strategy. She warns Jamie that the facts will come out eventually and end Jamie’s hopes of becoming the Governor. Therefore, he must put some distance between himself and Garrett.

Is Will Patton Leaving Yellowstone?

After Jamie’s conversation with Christina, Garrett convinces Jamie that it is best if he moves away for a while. It would ensure that Jamie’s election campaign would not be jeopardized because of him. Therefore, it seems like Garrett is on his way out of Park County. However, he has a run-in with John Dutton, which might have reignited his hatred towards the Duttons. With just one episode left in the season and Garrett still not completely gone, he will likely factor into the season finale.

Patton’s future on the show beyond that point remains uncertain. A lot can happen in the season finale, and if John finds out about Garrett’s involvement in the attacks on his family, he will not spare Garrett. Therefore, it could be the end of the road for Patton’s character in the show. However, it seems like the election storyline will serve as the take-off point of the yet unconfirmed fifth season.

Since Garrett’s storyline is connected to Jamie, one of the main characters, it is unlikely that the makers will wrap up Garrett’s arc in a single episode. Therefore, it makes more sense for Patton to return in a potential fifth season and take on a more prominent role. We will all be eagerly watching the fourth season finale to get some solid hints about Patton and, in turn, Garrett’s future on the show.

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