Joe Millionaire For Richer or Poorer: Where Are They Now?

Bringing an interesting twist to the tried and tested formula of dating reality shows,Joe Millionaire: For Richer or Poorer‘ tries to answer the age-old question of whether love can triumph over money. It revolves around 18 women competing to be noticed by two eligible bachelors, one of whom is actually a millionaire. However, the female contestants aren’t made aware of this fact as they go about trying to find the perfect connection.

Ultimately, the millionaire among the two men is revealed only on the final day, putting love to the test. While the curtains have just come down on an exciting season one, speculations surrounding the futures of the cast members have already begun doing the rounds. Thus, to settle all questions fans might have, we decided to dig in and find out where the cast of ‘Joe Millionaire: For Richer or Poorer’ season 1 is at present!

Where Is Kurt F. Sowers Now?

Initially, Kurt built up a fantastic connection with Carolyn Moore, and for a while, it seemed like they would end up together. Yet, the moment he went on a date with Amanda Pace, Kurt realized what he was missing out on. Besides, Carolyn being unwilling to talk about their future further turned Kurt away, and he chose to be with Amanda in the season finale. However, reports now state that Kurt and Amanda have since broken up and leading independent lives.

It seems like the split was mutual, and the couple decided to go their separate ways in December 2021, just a month and a half after filming got over. While sources state that Kurt is on the lookout for a new partner, he seems to be enjoying life and is keeping himself busy as the CEO of a North Carolina-based construction company.

Where Is Amanda Pace Now?

A fashion designer and entrepreneur, Amanda Pace seemed pretty fixated on Kurt Sowers right from the beginning. Unfortunately, Kurt found a connection with Carolyn, which seemed to dampen Amanda’s chances. However, she refused to give up and instead decided to let her actions do the talking. Eventually, Amanda was able to build up a bond with Kurt, and he even chose her over Carolyn in the season finale.

Nevertheless, recent reports state that Kurt and Amanda broke up in December 2021, a month and a half after filming wrapped. Moreover, sources made it clear that the breakup was mutual and had nothing to do with Kurt not being the real millionaire. Thus, at present, Amanda is living life her own way, although it seems like she has maintained an amicable relationship with Kurt. Besides, reports have also revealed that she is a millionaire on her own as her grandfather left a massive trust fund for her to use.

Where Is Steven McBee Now?

Steven McBee, the President and Founder of the McBee Farm and Cattle Company, struck up a connection with Annie Jorgensen from the very beginning. They appeared comfortable with each other, and Annie loved being frank with Steven. Still, once he got acquainted with Calah Jackson, Steven was quite taken up by the reserved Texas native. Although Calah refused to let her walls down and required quite some time before opening up, Steven never lost his patience and decided to follow his heart.

Thus, in a twist of fate that very few could foresee, Steven chose Calah over Annie on the final day. Fans would be delighted to know that Steven and Calah are still together, even though they had to keep their relationship a secret until the season finale was aired. Steven currently lives with Calah in his house in Gallatin, Missouri, but will soon be moving to a new residence in Kansas City.

Where Is Calah Jackson Now?

When Calah Jackson appeared on the show, she seemed interested in both Steven and Kurt. However, she soon realized that her bond with Steven was unique, so she decided not to pursue Kurt any longer. Although Steven was initially taken up with Annie, Calah wasted no time in developing a connection with him, thus putting him in a predicament. Regardless, Calah did manage to impress Steven as he ultimately chose her over Annie in the season finale.

Right after filming, Steven and Calah kept their relationship a secret. However, she paid him several visits at his place, and the two spent a lot of time together. Calah and Steven are currently living together at his house in Gallatin, Missouri, although the latter mentioned that they would get their new home in Kansas City by the end of March 2022. Besides, with a lot to look forward to, Calah and Steven seem excited to begin an incredible journey together.

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