Joel Edgerton to Star in Charlie Polinger’s The Plague

Joel Edgerton is set to lead another sports drama after ‘The Boys in the Boat.’ The actor has joined the cast of Charlie Polinger’s feature film debut, ‘The Plague.’ The movie’s shooting is scheduled to commence in Sofia, Bulgaria, in July, and conclude by August 24. Polinger also wrote the screenplay.

The plot revolves around a 12-year-old boy named Ben, who is spending the summer at a water polo camp, surrounded day in and day out by other boys who are all flying headlong into the age of puberty. Upon realizing that fitting in is the key to survival, he quickly learns to stay away from Eli, a socially awkward boy with bad acne who others claim has “the plague.” Ben knows deep down that the plague must be fake – just another way to bully someone for being different – but the fear of being ostracized is certainly real.

Edgerton portrayed Coach Al Ulbrickson in George Clooney’s ‘The Boys in the Boat,’ which revolves around the University of Washington’s rowing team and their triumph at the 1936 Berlin Olympics. He also starred as Narvel Roth in ‘Master Gardener,’ directed by Paul Schrader, following a horticulturist whose life takes a turn when his wealthy dowager employer asks him to have her troubled great-niece as his apprentice.

Edgerton portrayed Harry Harris in ‘Thirteen Lives,’ which centers on a rescue mission narrative set in Thailand, focusing on a group of boys and their soccer coach trapped in underground caves. He also appeared as Mark Frame in the Netflix crime-thriller ‘The Stranger,’ exploring the complexities of friendship and hidden identities amidst a looming police operation. Additionally, the actor played The Lord in ‘The Green Knight,’ a fantasy retelling of the medieval tale of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight.

Polinger’s recent directorial endeavors include the short film ‘Fuck Me, Richard,’ in which a romance enthusiast, who is recovering from a leg injury, finds herself entangled in a passionate yet potentially fraudulent long-distance relationship. He also helmed ‘A Place to Stay,’ a short set in 1959 Kansas City, unraveling the discovery of a lover’s hidden life. Furthermore, his 2018 short ‘Sauna’ mirrors themes explored in ‘The Plague’ as it depicts an awkward teenager’s struggles with bullies, puberty, and mortality at a summer water polo camp. Additionally, Polinger contributed to Gregory Kohn’s short film ‘Good People,’ which delves into aspects of guilt and reconciliation after an intense affair.

Sofia has previously hosted the shooting of several Hollywood productions, ranging from Zach Cregger’s horror thriller ‘Barbarian‘ to Apple TV+’s science fiction series ‘For All Mankind.’

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