For All Mankind Season 5 Starts Filming in Los Angeles in July

The filming of the fifth season of Apple TV+’s science fiction series ‘For All Mankind’ will start in Los Angeles in July. Showrunners Matt Wolpert and Ben Nedivi, who created the space drama with Ronald D. Moore, have returned to lead the writers’ room.

In the fourth season finale, ‘Perestroika,’ tension mounts as all parties gear up for the critical Goldilocks burn. Margo is caught off guard by the unexpected arrival of Irina in Houston, while Aleida delves into Sergei’s mysterious death. The hijackers’ plan to disrupt the burn is foiled when a secure discriminator is implemented, but they launch a backup scheme with Sam’s unwitting assistance.

As the episode progresses, in a daring move, Sam undertakes an EVA to extend the burn, facing off against Palmer in the process. Aleida and Margo strategically thwart Houston’s efforts, redirecting the asteroid into Mars orbit. Margo’s actions to protect Aleida lead to her arrest, while Miles is liberated by Ilya amid a chaotic riot. Dani’s return to Earth brings emotional reunions while developments on Mars and the revelations surrounding Irina unfold.

Following the time jump in the season 4 finale, which showcases a flourishing settlement in 2012, anticipation for the fifth installment is high as fans await new challenges in mankind’s space journey. While previous conflicts appear to have been resolved, the upcoming season will likely introduce fresh hurdles as the next generation grapples for authority in the settlements. Potential themes can include the clash between private enterprise and public interest, continuing the series’ exploration of societal and political dynamics in space exploration.

While Joel Kinnaman and Wrenn Schmidt lead the series as Ed Baldwin and Margo Madison, the creators have hinted at inevitable cast changes. Despite the speculations that the core ensemble will return to the next season, the series has a history of cast members unexpectedly departing, leaving the fate of many uncertain. However, one character likely to return is Edi Gathegi’s Dev Ayesa, who appears prominently in the fourth installment finale. Other returnees may include Krys Marshall as Danielle Poole, Cynthy Wu as Kelly Baldwin, Coral Peña as Aleida Rosales, Toby Kebbell as Miles Dale, Tyner Rushing as Samantha Massey, and Daniel Stern as Eli Hobson.

Recently, Los Angeles, where previous seasons of the show were also filmed, has been the filming location for projects such as ‘Palm Royale‘ and ‘The Sympathizer.’

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