Kacia Clark: Love is Blind Contestant is Now a Family Support Specialist

Netflix’s ‘Love is Blind‘ is a reality dating series that primarily follows various romantic hopefuls who are eager to get married to their perfect match. While the process certainly has made several of its participants quite happy over the years, there are some whose stories did not have the ending they might have liked. For Kacia Clark, things were a bit different as she came into the limelight in a way not many might have expected. So, just where is the season 4 star these days? This is a question many of her fans are waiting to be answered.

Kacia Clark’s Love is Blind Journey

Interstingly, Kacia Clark did not gain much screen time during the main episodes of ‘Love is Blind’ season 4. However, during the reunion episode, Jackelina “Jackie” Bonds claimed that Marshall Glaze only wanted his engagement ring back because he wanted to give it to another cast member. As fans of the show might remember, the last conversation between the two had Marshall asking Jackie for his engagement ring back, but she refused, prompting many to wonder about the reason behind her refusal.

Image Credit: Monty Brinton/Netflix

In response to Jackie’s speculations, Marshall revealed that she was talking about Kacia. As it turns out, Marshall had also formed a close connection with her during his time in the pods but ultimately chose to propose to Jackie. Marshall claimed that Kacia had reached out to him following his split with his former betrothed, and the heartfelt message soon led to them resuming their conversations.

Marshall told E! News that he wanted to move on from his past relationship with Jackie and had indeed gone on a date with Kacia. However, he quickly realized that he was not yet ready to date Kacia and realized that he would have to end things with her. During the one-year anniversary episodes of season 4 of the Netflix series, Kacia is seen with Jackie, the two women apparently forming a friendship after their time on the show. That said, Kacia seemed quite upset towards Marshall, claiming that he had messaged her and apologized, something that she did not seem to appreciate. She was also somewhat unhappy that he had revealed her name during the reunion episode.

Where is Kacia Clark Now?

As of writing, Kacia is based in Seattle, Washington, and seems to be living life to the fullest. The reality TV star is a Family Support Specialist and a huge advocate for mental health. She also likes to mentor the youth and keeps her passion for faith, fashion, and life always ignited. Kacia also takes immense pleasure in exploring the world and visiting naturally beautiful places across the world. In August of 2023, she visited Malibu, British Columbia, and enjoyed the mountainous view that the area provided. Even more than that, she took delight in the friends who accompanied her there and made the experience truly unforgettable. We wish Kacia the very best in her life and hope that she and her loved ones continue to prosper.

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