Keith Sayres Tribute on Survivor: How Did the Producer Die?

Image Credit: Keith Sayres/Instagram

Since its premiere in May 2000, CBS’ ‘Survivor‘ has captivated viewers’ hearts with its thrilling format and interesting contestants. Moreover, the reality survival show has created a thriving community for the cast and crew members to stay connected and support each other’s ups and downs. One such pivotal and beloved member of the ‘Survivor’ community was Keith Sayres, who had a long-standing association with the show. Given his recent passing, the team paid an emotional tribute to him in the season 44 premiere. Naturally, fans might be curious about Keith and his connection with ‘Survivor.’ If you wish to learn more, here’s what we found.

Who Was Keith Sayres?

Originally from Buffalo, New York, Keith “Feezy” Sayres grew up in a close-knit family and was pretty close to his brother, Ken. After completing his schooling at City Honors School, Buffalo, he graduated from Howard University, Washington, DC. Later, Keith relocated to Los Angeles, hoping to make a career in the entertainment industry. He gradually made a mark with his work as a Story Producer with Mark Burnett Productions. Some of the shows he was a part of include ‘Married at First Sight,’ and ‘Little Women: Terra’s Little Family.’

Image Credit: Ken Sayres/Instagram

In addition, Keith dabbled in acting by essaying Lucifer in the 2011 short film, ‘Genesis: Adam & Eve.’ However, his most notable work was as a Segment Producer for ‘Survivor,’ a role he held from 2012 to 2018. In these six years, Keith was actively involved in the show’s behind-the-scenes and post-production process, ensuring that what aired on TV was flawless. Apart from work, he was an avid traveler since his early days and visited numerous countries worldwide. In fact, Keith would often share his travel adventures with his followers on social media.

As a part of the ‘Survivor’ team, Keith gained a lot of admiration from his colleagues, who admired his jovial and compassionate nature and commendable leadership qualities. Besides, he even made many renowned friends outside the show, including actors, social media influencers, artists, musicians, real estate tycoons, and fashion designers. For instance, TV Producer Ariel Blandford, who worked with Keith on ‘Survivor’ has fond memories of her interactions with him.

Ariel stated, “Growing up in the ‘Survivor’ community, I heard stories of how incredible a person and coworker Keith was. When I was lucky enough to get to know him, he was always a warm ray of sunshine, kind and encouraging. I’m better for knowing him, and the impact he had on the people around him will never be forgotten. Furthermore, Keith was a devoted family man and loved spending time and making memories with his loved ones.

How Did Keith Sayres Die?

Unfortunately, on February 1, 2023, Keith Sayres’ family and associates shared the heartbreaking news of his sudden demise. While they did not disclose the cause of his death, reports state that he seemingly passed away in Los Angeles. The Sayres family held a viewing in the City of Angels on February 9, 2023, followed by a formal funeral service for him in his hometown, Buffalo, on February 15. Both events were attended by countless of Keith’s friends, colleagues, and acquaintances nationwide, proving just how loved he was.

Some friends also set up online fundraisers to gather monetary support for Keith’s family as a sign of solidarity. Naturally, several people chipped in to contribute, indicating his beautiful impact on their lives. Though Keith’s death has been painful for his family and the ‘Survivor’ team, they hope to carry forward his legacy and keep his memories alive through their goodwill and hard work. The tribute on season 44, episode 1, is just a minute example of this, honoring Keith Sayres’ incomparable contribution to the show.

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