Kelso Pierce: Surviving Paradise Contestant is Now An Entrepreneur

Netflix’s ‘Surviving Paradise‘ season 1 featured some highly entertaining individuals who easily added even more entertainment to an already intriguing survival series. Among them was Kelso Pierce, who may not have joined the competition at the very start but certainly ensured that his presence would be taken lightly by anyone in the game. Hence, it is no wonder that many of the viewers are eager to know what the reality TV star is up to these days. Well, here is what we know about the same.

Kelso Pierce’s Surviving Paradise Journey

Kelso Pierce first appeared in the fourth episode of the very first season of ‘Surviving Paradise.’ Making his entry alongside Eva, he had about two hours to get to know those who were already in the villa before he had to make his way to the camp and start his journey as an Outsider. Coming at a point where many of the alliances in the game were already solidified, Kelso certainly had his work cut out for him. After all, people were wary of just how he would play the game and whether or not he was someone to be trusted.

The first chance that Kelso did get to possibly move up to the villa and become an Insider, he had to make the correct choice when facing Taylor Olympios. Given that Taylor’s description of the crate in front of the two was highly vague, Kelso had a hard time trying to read her. Hence, he decided to reject the crate, which unfortunately contained the command “Go to The Villa.” As such, Kelso did not get the chance to leave the camp.

Following the major reshuffle, there were almost no instances where it seemed like Kelso might be able to make it inside the villa and might win the grand prize. Almost fading into the background, he struggled to assert himself as a strong player with crucial connections and hence never did get selected to be in an Insider, though this also meant that he did not have a target painted on his back that would lead him to be booted out. Ultimately, during the last round of eliminations, Aaron Blake chose Kelso to be the next person out of the game after him.

Where is Kelso Pierce Now?

It seems like Kelso Pierce prefers to keep the details of his personal life private. The reality TV star actually grew up in Huntsville, Alabama, after he was adopted as a six-month-old child from Korea by a white Caucasian military family. In fact, he himself was deployed in combat zones for years, which he credits for his strength and resilience. Despite his desire to keep most details of his life private, he has been open about being an Entrepreneur. Additionally, it seems like Kelso enjoys keeping his body in peak physical condition, given his passion for fitness. He is also quite a fan of the outdoors and never says no to a good opportunity to travel.

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