Shea Foster: Surviving Paradise Finalist is Now a Private Jet Broker

Thanks to his selfless playstyle, mixed with a high dash of romance, Shea Foster has become one of the fan-favorites from season 1 of Netflix’s ‘Surviving Paradise.’ While it is not uncommon for survival shows to feature people who often volunteer to take up heavy burdens, Shea’s reluctance to not hurt others, for the most part, plays both to his advantage and disadvantage. With his endearing and intriguing on-screen performance, the public is quite eager to know what the contestant has been up to these days. Luckily, we are here to explore the same!

Shea Foster’s Surviving Paradise Journey

Since he stepped foot into the show, Shea Foster seemed eager to make friends and forge connections. That said, he did seem romantically interested in Taylor Olympios and was certainly not shy about expressing the same, claiming that he was flirtatious by nature. Hence, when Taylor decided to show her worth to everyone by undertaking the first survival challenge, Shea volunteered to join her to not only help the Outsider but also to spend some quality one-on-one time with the woman he was interested in. After a long trek, when the two did reach their destination, they were told that they could either enjoy the mouthwatering dishes in front of them and take nothing back to the camp or take vegetables for the other Outsiders but not be allowed to eat those.

When the Outsiders learned the hard choices that Taylor and Shea were presented with, they could not help but appreciate that they had sacrificed their own sustenance in order to help others. Meanwhile, the two trekkers in question started to develop something more tangible between them. However, during the subsequent voting, by popular demand, Taylor was chosen as the second choice to go to the villa, separating her from Shea.

Not long after, the second survival task for the Outsiders came along, and Shea once again volunteered to do the challenge, this time in the company of Francisco “Sisco” Williams. This meant that while the duo was able to make way for three Outsiders to go to the villa, they themselves could not do so at that point. Shea’s care for those around him became only more evident when, during the major reshuffle, he refused to go to the villa if it meant that his dear friend, Hayley Smith-Rose, would have to go to become an Outsider, which did break Taylor’s heart as she was waiting for Shea to join her as an Insider.

All the selfless actions committed by Shea certainly paid off when Gabriel “Gabe” Dannenbring stated that he wanted Shea to go to the villa. This was majorly due to the positive impression that Shea had left on everyone. This also meant that Shea and Taylor were reunited after a long time and were ecstatic to be together. Not only did they have their first kiss in the villa, but they also started to share a bed. In fact, it was not long before Shea confessed that he was in love with Taylor, something that filled the latter with extreme joy.

However, things between Taylor and Shea did sour when the two were pitted against each other in a challenge where one of them had to go to the camp based on a mutual decision. Shea’s comment that he felt like he had spent enough time as an Outsider did not sit well with Taylor as she felt that he could have volunteered at least once. While Taylor did not fight him on this at that point and did go back to Camp, she did carry this grudge until she was reunited with Shea after her elimination, and her on-screen partner was one of the four finalists. At that point, the two cleared the air out, though Shea did not end up winning the game.

Where is Shea Foster Now?

Shea Foster lives in New York and certainly seems to be enjoying himself to the fullest. The Netflix star is a Global Sales Manager/Private Jet Broker for V2 Jets, having obtained the position in April 2023. He also serves as a part-time Executive Board Member for the Big 12 Conference, a role he was given in August 2021. Quite recently, specifically in December 2022, Shea gained his master’s degree in International/Global Studies from Oklahoma State University. He also has a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, superficially in Management and Operations, having earned it after his studies at Southeastern Louisiana University.

While we are sure that fans are eager to know whether or not Shea and Taylor are still a couple, the two have yet to share any updates regarding the same. Given that the production of season 1 actually took place sometime in the summer of 2022, the couple has certainly kept any news under the wraps, though both of them continue to follow each other on Instagram, suggesting that they are, if nothing else, still amicable to each other even now. In October 2021, Shea was in the hospital for an extended period as, according to the reality TV star, “an 18-wheeler ran a red light, smacking into me.” His recovery from the same has certainly been a blessing to his loved ones and those who now consider themselves his fans.

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