Taylor Olympios: Where is the Surviving Paradise Contestant Now?

Encountering the unexpected, Taylor Olympios judiciously makes use of alliances to leave behind survival in the wilderness and seek luxury in the villa in Netflix’s ‘Surviving Paradise.’ The reality television series features a high-stakes challenge that propels twelve contestants to undertake unique methods to ensure their place in the competition. With $200,000 on the line, the participants go to extreme lengths to fight for the top spot. Given Taylor’s persistence, repeated sacrifice, and selflessness, fans have continued to wonder more about the latest whereabouts of the reality star. So, if you’re curious about the same, look no further because we’ve got all the answers right here!

Taylor Olympios’ Surviving Paradise Journey

With the confidence that she’d get to experience the summer of a lifetime, Taylor entered the tropical haven in ‘Surviving Paradise.’ However, it was quickly uncovered that the surrounding blues and flora weren’t just going to be admired for their picturesque beauty. Upon finding out that she’d have to stay in the wild with no amenities, Taylor even jokingly compared her predicament to signing up for the Fyre Festival. Nevertheless, despite the tough conditions, she still embraced the challenge and decided to create strong bonds from the get-go.

While Shea Foster’s interest in her automatically bound the two together, Taylor also made close allies with Sisco, Hailey, and other members of the cast. Without relenting to the extremities of their stay, she even volunteered to go on the first survival challenge with Shea. In the hot sun, the duo had to hike for more than five miles amidst thorns and undulated terrain to get to the secret crate. There, they were presented with a choice to consume a hearty feast for themselves or choose an assortment of vegetables for everyone else at the camp.

Without giving it a second thought, Taylor and Shea picked the latter and proved their selflessness to other members of the tribe. Naturally, it wasn’t long before she was chosen to live as an insider. During her time there, her feelings for Shea manifolded to the point she was ready to give up her spot in the villa and help him enjoy the opulence on the other side.

While their romance blossomed, it also hit a rough spot when the duo were presented with a tough choice. In the final challenge before the finale, Taylor and Shea had to choose between one of them going back to the camp or the two getting eliminated together. Ultimately, it was Taylor who decided to leave behind the cash prize and head outside. While the surprising turn led to her elimination, the duo were able to work out their differences in the final episode and reunite as one.

Taylor Olympios is Now an Influencer

The relentless display of tact, hard work, and selflessness helped earn Taylor consistent success on the show. Since then, she has continued to scale her abilities and expand her multi-faceted career. As an online influencer and TikTok creator, she commands a significant following on social media. Naturally, creating new content for her burgeoning audience is just one of the many things that occupy Taylor’s day-to-day schedule. The television personality is also the younger sister of Corinne Olympios, a television personality who appeared on season 21 of ‘The Bachelor.’

Along with ‘The Bachelor’ alum, Taylor runs a jewelry business called Aura Sugar Co. In addition to their hands-on involvement, the sisters work with a dedicated team to provide their clients with a plethora of choices. Their handmade products not only add an aesthetically pleasing value to people’s accessories but also work as aura-cleansing manifestation gems.

In addition to earrings, necklaces, rings, waist beads, and cake jewelry boxes that the website provides, consumers can even find charms. These charms are cleansed with sage and moon-charged to help customers find positive energy vibrations. Taylor works in the capacity of a Marketing Director for Aura Sugar Co. Having gained substantial standing in media; she has even modeled at the Miami Swim Week in 2023. In the past, she has also appeared in Paramount Plus’ ‘Next Influencer.’

As for her relationship with Shea, it seems that the duo’s on-screen romance couldn’t give way to something long-term. Despite reiterating their feelings for one another on camera, the duo quickly realized that distance, commitments, and lifestyle play a vital role in their life outside. Ultimately, they decided to separate but have since remained on cordial terms. In an interview with The Messenger, Taylor shared, “It was a good couple of months that we really put in the work, traveling back and forth seeing each other, making it work. It just ended up not working.” Nevertheless, it is apparent that Taylor is steadfast on the path of professional and personal growth. Naturally, we wish her the best in all her future endeavors.

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