Kevin Can F**k Himself Season 2 Episode 4 Recap: Jesus, Allison

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The fourth episode of AMC’s comedy series ‘Kevin Can F**k Himself’ season 2, titled ‘Jesus, Allison,’ revolves around the birthday of Patricia “Patty” Deirdre O’Connor. Allison Devine-McRoberts comes to know about her best friend’s birthday unexpectedly from Cindy and she teams up with Patty’s girlfriend Detective Tammy Ridgeway to throw a surprise party for the birthday girl. Allison opens up about her plans to Samuel “Sam” Park and Tammy discovers a startling detail concerning her girlfriend. Since the episode ends with a cliffhanger, we have explored the consequences of Tammy’s discovery. Here’s everything you need to know about the same! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Kevin Can F**k Himself Season 2 Episode 4 Recap

‘Jesus, Allison’ begins with Allison dreaming about Nick’s return to her life. She joins Patty to visit Nick at the hospital and feels relieved when Cindy informs them that the doctors aren’t very hopeful about his recovery. Billy Terrell, the private investigator, asks Allison to steal Gertrude’s death certificate to move forward with her plan to fake her death. Through Cindy, Allison learns about Patty’s birthday, and she starts to plan a surprise party for her. Tammy meets Allison concerning the same, only for the latter to welcome the detective to join her and arrange the party. Tammy comes to know that Allison had an affair with Sam.

Image Credit: Robert Clark/Stalwart Productions/AMC

On Patty’s birthday, Tammy invites Patty’s former clients to the party without realizing that all the women used to buy drugs from her. Allison and Patty team up to separate the clients from Tammy and her fellow police officers who have arrived for the party. Allison’s aunt Diane returns from South Carolina after separating from Chuck. Upon her return, she considers getting back together with her husband after a break. Kevin McRoberts tries to set up his father Peter “Pete” McRoberts with Diane, expecting Pete’s break up with Lorraine, his new girlfriend with a hideous laugh.

Kevin Can F**k Himself Season 2 Episode 4 Ending: Will Tammy Arrest Patty? Will They Break Up?

When Tammy starts to date Patty, the detective has been investigating the illegal oxycodone distribution present in the city of Worcester. Without realizing that her girlfriend is one of the oxycodone dealers, they start to nurture an admirable relationship. Patty tries her best to keep her involvement in the same a secret as well. However, Tammy’s investigation leads her to a CCTV footage from Vermont, in which she sees Patty, who has been in the state to buy oxycodone with Allison to frame Kevin as a drug dealer. Since Tammy sees the video footage with Patty in it, the latter may need to do something to avoid her arrest.

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Patty can fabricate a story to explain her presence in Vermont. She can say that she just accompanied Allison without knowing the reason behind their journey. If she succeeds in convincing Tammy that she was just accompanying her friend, she may escape from possible arrest and the potential separation from her girlfriend. If Allison can fake her death soon, Patty can blame her friend easily and turn the detective’s attention toward the “dead.” However, Tammy is intelligent enough to suspect Patty or Allison if her girlfriend comes up with such a story. She may enquire about the duo in the narcotics circles of Worcester and ultimately discover that Patty was one of the prominent illegal oxycodone dealers in the city.

If Patty doesn’t want to continue lying and fearing the unraveling of the truth, she may reveal her involvement in the oxycodone distribution to Tammy. Since Tammy can see how much Patty has changed to become a better person, ending her drug dealings, she may find a way to save her girlfriend from a possible arrest. Considering the strength of their relationship, Tammy may consider giving Patty another chance at not only life but also at their togetherness. They may agree to put the whole affair behind them to build a new chapter of their life together.

But it is doubtful whether Tammy will be in a position to do the same. While she was in a relationship with Bram, Tammy had tampered with evidence for her then-partner, only for the same to get revealed among her colleagues. Since her colleagues and superiors know that Tammy had prioritized her personal concerns over her professional ethics and commitment, the detective may not be able to do the same again for Patty. If her investigation leads to such a stage, we may see Patty getting arrested. If Tammy starts to think that Patty got together with her to influence or deviate the investigation from the latter, they may separate as well.

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