Kevin James and Alan Ritchson Cast in Playdate; Starts Filming in Vancouver Next Month

Kevin James and Alan Ritchson have joined the cast of the upcoming film ‘Playdate.’ The filming of the project is slated to start in Vancouver, British Columbia, next month. Luke Greenfield is directing the movie based on a screenplay by Neil Goldman.

The film revolves around two stay-at-home dads whose lives take an unexpected turn during what begins as an ordinary playdate with their children. As the day unfolds, a seemingly innocent gathering transforms into a chaotic and perilous experience that’s nothing short of hell, leading the two fathers and their sons into the midst of a gripping conspiracy. The group then spends the day trying not to get killed while attempting to solve the conspiracy.

Greenfield is known for helming the romantic comedy ‘The Girl Next Door.’ His most recent feature is ‘Half Brothers,’ in which Mexican aviation executive Renato discovers an unknown American half-brother named Asher, leading them on a transformative road trip tracing their father’s journey. The filmmaker also directed an episode for the TV series ‘Imaginary Mary.’ Greenfield’s portfolio also includes the buddy cop film ‘Let’s Be Cops,’ which centers on two struggling friends who dress as police officers for a costume party, inadvertently becoming local sensations.

Goldman has recently contributed his writing talents to various projects, including shows such as ‘HouseBroken’ and ‘Shrinking.’ Additionally, he co-created the CBS comedy series ‘Superior Donuts.’

James starred in Netflix’s sports biopic ‘Home Team,’ in which he portrays former New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton alongside Taylor Lautner. The film revolves around Coach Payton coaching his son’s sixth-grade football team during his suspension for the entire 2012 season due to his involvement in the Saints’ Bountygate scandal. The actor appeared in Netflix’s comedy series ‘The Crew‘ as Kevin Gibson, exploring the challenges faced by a NASCAR crew chief and his close-knit racing team when a new boss disrupts their routine in the garage.

Ritchson headlines the cast of the Prime Video series ‘Reacher,’ portraying the itinerant former military policeman Jack Reacher, who takes on crime-solving with his distinctive brand of street justice. On the cinematic front, the actor starred in ‘Fast X‘ as Aimes and on the small screen, he featured in ‘Titans‘ as Hank Hall. Preceding these roles, he was part of the cast of ‘Dark Web: Cicada 3301,’ playing the character Agent Carver.

Vancouver, the principal location of the movie, previously hosted the shooting of recently released projects such as ‘Percy Jackson and the Olympians‘ and ‘Death and Other Details.’

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