Killer Fortune Teller: Shooting Locations and Cast Explored

‘Killer Fortune Teller’ is a Lifetime mystery thriller that revolves around a businessman who gains success after consulting a psychic, but his prosperity comes at a deadly price. At the heart of the story is Shane, a driven businessman whose life takes an unexpected turn when a chance encounter with a charismatic fortune teller promises him untold riches and success. Intrigued by the tantalizing prospect of unlocking his future, Shane eagerly embraces the guidance offered by the enigmatic psychic, believing he has stumbled upon the key to his long-awaited prosperity.

As Shane’s business ventures flourish and his dreams materialize into reality, a dark shadow looms over his newfound fortune. With each stroke of luck, a trail of bodies begins to emerge. Catching onto the troubling scenario, Shane’s sister becomes increasingly suspicious of the psychic’s intentions, as well as the mysterious motives of her brother’s new girlfriend. Against an intriguing and suspenseful backdrop, ‘Killer Fortune Teller’ explores the dark consequences of tempting fate, naturally giving rise to questions regarding the locations where it was filmed.

Killer Fortune Teller Filming Locations

‘Killer Fortune Teller’ was filmed entirely in and around Los Angeles, California. Principal photography began in November 2023 and was concluded in a few weeks by December of the same year. The involved creatives rejoiced at their completed project, sharing their jubilation online. “Behold, a slideshow of the lovely crew on this Lifetime movie: co-actors, the makeup team, and wardrobe,” wrote actress Sarah Murphree in the caption of an Instagram post. “These smiles don’t lie. We’ve had too much fun with each other shooting this movie. What a gift it’s been to work with these bright personalities. My heart is so full.”

Los Angeles, California

Renowned as the entertainment capital of the world, Los Angeles became the primary filming destination for the thrilling Lifetime movie. In the context of the crystal ball-toting narrative, Los Angeles imbues it with a sense of mystique and intrigue that mirrors the movie’s themes. The city’s fascination with astrology, fortune-telling, and the occult adds an extra layer of authenticity to the story, tapping into the zeitgeist of a metropolis where many success-hungry men and women like Shane work towards their dreams.

From the bustling streets of Hollywood, where aspiring actors seek fame and fortune, to the hidden enclaves of psychic shops and tarot card readers scattered throughout the city, Los Angeles embodies the allure of the unknown and the quest for financial excess. However, against the backdrop of upscale facades, the narrative reveals a dark underbelly of sin tied to its prosperity.

The City of Angels has long captured the imaginations of filmmakers and audiences alike with its nostalgic atmosphere, eclectic neighborhoods, and vibrant cultural scene. Supportive filming policies by the local government ensure the city’s dominance as a movie production hub, offering competitive tax incentives while boasting the highest density of movie studios and filming properties in the country. These factors have made the city a resident filming destination for Lifetime movies.

Killer Fortune Teller Cast

The film centers on Jonathan Stoddard as Shane. The seasoned San Rafael-born actor is known for his role as Young John Abbott in ‘The Young and the Restless,’ Josh in ‘Furry Little Christmas,’ and Matt Cochran in ‘Secret Love Triangle.’ His other credits include ‘Black Monday,’ ‘Falling for a Killer,’ and ‘Sisters on the Run.’

Starring alongside him is actress Sarah Murphree as Olivia. Sarah began honing her craft in a traveling sketch troupe and through theatre at a performing arts high school. After graduating from The University of Tennessee, Knoxville, studying journalism and screenwriting, she began her acting career, appearing in ‘Nashville,’ ‘Justice for All with Judge Cristina Perez,’ and ‘Johnny Dynamo.’ ‘Killer Fortune Teller’ was her first time leading a Lifetime movie, and you may have also seen her in ‘Lethal Legacy,’ ‘My Crazy Ex,’ and ’36 Husbands.’

Caina Summer Field stars in her debut film role as Natalie. Actress Natalie Daniels brings her talent to the film by essaying the mysterious Maya. She has been featured in ‘Hawaii Five-0’ as Katie Dawson, ‘Trapped in the Farmhouse’ as Vanessa, and ‘Dognapped: Hound for the Holidays’ as Donna. She also appears in ‘Still a Teen Movie,’ ‘Law & Order: Special Victims Unit,’ ‘Unfaithful: Stories of Betrayal,’ and ‘Eli Roth Presents: The Legion of Exorcists.’

Supporting actors in the film are Jessica A. Caesar as Rita, Kenny Resch as Tyler, Jon Briddell as Jackson, Chloe Paige Flowers as Jenna, and Avis Wrentmore as Arabella. Other cast members include Dan Golden as Irving, Hardia Madden as Dr. Klein, Jocelyn May as Dr. Carr, Jeanette Schock as Nurse Anna, Andrea St. Martine as Nurse Bari, and Dave Rose as Paramedic Dave.

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