Lauryn Ajufo: Unveiling the Talented Actress Behind Everything Now

Image Credit: Lauryn Ajufo/Instagram

Encompassed by arbitrary forces that facilitate body dysmorphia, Netflix’s ‘Everything Now’ showcases the effects of such interceding powers. The series chronicles the life of Mia Polanco, a sixteen-year-old teenager from London who is recently released from the hospital after struggling with anorexia nervosa. Created by Ripley Parker, the coming-of-age comedy series features the incapacitating effects of an eating disorder.

The show also encapsulates the emotional journey Mia undertakes in order to win back the life experiences she lost in the past few months. Given the convincing portrayal of Becca by Lauryn Ajufo, fans have been curious to know more about the actress. So, if you’re wondering the same, look no further because we’ve got all the answers right here!

Lauryn Ajufo’s Background

Inspired by the unbridled creativity of artists and entertainers on-screen, Lauryn Ajufo found herself gravitating towards theatrical arts early on. Born in Southwark, London, the 23-year-old grew up admiring the passion of her father and mother. With Nigerian descent, Ajufo quickly accrued a myriad of experiences in her youth. Having watched her mother work on unscripted reality television, Ajufo was further drawn towards the craft.

Getting accustomed to her abilities, she quickly realized that she could create a career path in the performing arts. To quench her curiosity, she enrolled at the BRIT School of Performing and Creative Arts in Croydon. She was also a part of the Youth Theatre at the Theatre Royal Stratford East. Besides refining her skills in the theatrical arts, she also attended the Chobham Academy in 2013 as a year nine student.

Lauryn Ajufo’s Profession

Consistent with her love for expression, Ajufo used to detail her experiences and attend local events. Once, the actress was speaking at a monologue slam competition when her expressive honesty led her to be discovered by director and producer Phillip Barantini. She was then cast as Renee in Barantini’s short film ‘Boiling Point.’ The breakthrough role ended up setting the stage for her career.

Having made her mark as an emerging artist through ‘Boiling Point,’ Ajufo then made her feature debut in ‘Villain.’ In addition to this, she also made her television debut in the soap opera ‘Holby City.’ Albeit a guest appearance, Ajufo still secured a momentous growth in entertainment. Later, she reprised her role as Renee in the feature-length adaptation of ‘Boiling Point’ alongside Stephen Graham. For her work in the film, she even won a nomination for Breakthrough Performance by the British Independent Film Awards.

It wasn’t long before her versatile performance was recognized wide and beyond. Later, her authentic depiction earned her roles in ‘Tell Me Everything,’ where she elucidated the unspoken travesties of mental health struggles and shone a light on the adversities of the modern era. In addition, she also displayed her characteristic vibrancy and nuance in ‘The Last Bus’ and ‘Accused.’ Besides embodying the heartfelt experiences of a teenager in Netflix’s ‘Everything Now,’ Ajufo is also earning renown for her work in ‘Luther: The Fallen Sun.’ The actress is starring in the Netflix movie alongside acting royalty Idris Elba. Ajufo appears as Anya in the grisly cop drama based on the acclaimed BBC television franchise.

Is Lauryn Ajufo Dating Anyone? Is She Single?

In tandem with her ever-evolving career, Ajufo is constantly enveloped in commitments and work engagements. When the actress is not reading through scripts, auditioning, or refining her skills as an entertainer, she likes to expand her horizons as a creative. So, as far as we can tell, Lauryn Ajufo is single at the moment. Moreover, the absence of a partner on social media also leads us to believe that the actress is not dating anyone right now. Instead, she’s focusing on creating a community of like-minded individuals and creating a space for artists to grow and hone their skills.

Recently, Ajufo hosted her first Muse Bloc event where creatives from all fields can gather together, learn, experience, and create to the extent of their imagination. In addition to this, she also enjoys traveling and imbibing new experiences with her loved ones. The actress recently took a trip to Amsterdam and explored the scenic city teeming with history and culture. So, even though romance is not on the cards for her at the moment, it is apparent that several professional and personal milestones still lie ahead for Lauryn Ajufo!

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