Do Cameron and Becca End Up Together in Everything Now?

Netflix’s ‘Everything Now’ centers around the coming-of-age story of Mia Polanco, an anorexic teen recently discharged from rehab and dropped right into the overwhelming world that is sixth form. As she tries to catch up to the transformative months she missed out on during her stay at the mental hospital, Mia drafts a “Fuck-it Bucket” list. Setting about the task to cross every item off, Mia and her friends, Cam, Becca, and Will, go through the motions of life together.

Although the show focuses on Mia’s character and her story, the narrative takes care to develop other characters, especially Mia’s close-knit friend group. As such, Becca and Cam’s storylines have their own significance within the plot, with their tumultuous relationship forming a center for both characters. Therefore, given their push-and-pull relationship and compelling chemistry, viewers must be curious to know how the season ends for the couple. Let’s find out! SPOILERS AHEAD!

The Course of Cameron And Becca’s Relationship

Cameron and Becca start the show in a secret friends-with-benefits relationship with each other. The pair had gravitated toward each other as their growing hormones have opened the world of sex and dating to them. Yet, at Becca’s insistence, they kept their relationship a secret.

Cameron often comes across as a playboy who is constantly chasing after a girl or another. Therefore, Becca likely wanted to keep their situation a secret because she didn’t believe Cam could be serious about her. Nevertheless, over time, Becca started to want more out of their relationship. Consequently, Cam’s flirty disposition toward other girls and possible entanglements with them annoyed Becca.

Although Will, the pair’s closest friend, apart from Mia, was privy to their relationship, Becca and Cam continued to act like just friends in front of him and Mia, not wanting to disclose their situation to the latter. Eventually, Becca realized that the relationship was taking an unwanted toll on her and that she couldn’t continue to live beside Cam. A friends-with-benefits situation was simply not viable for her anymore, so she ended things with Cam. Yet, since neither ever outwardly gave weight to their relationship, they couldn’t mourn its end.

However, by the time Becca considers sharing her true feelings with Cam, the boy moves on with one of their other friends, Carli. Worse yet, shortly afterward, Becca realizes that she’s pregnant. As such, she starts avoiding Cam, which he takes as a sign of her contempt for him. Even though Cam has actual feelings for Becca, he believes he’s not good enough for her and that she only wants something physical from him. Becca’s decision to keep him a secret didn’t help in this department either.

Therefore, Cam and Becca remain distant, their friendship taking the brunt of their fallout. Meanwhile, Becca, who is not ready to have an unplanned baby, keeps her early pregnancy a secret from Cam. After thinking things through, Becca decides to take an abortion pill and terminate her pregnancy before it develops further.

Sometime later, Becca finds a new connection with one of her schoolmates, Jonah, who supplies magic mushrooms to Becca and her friends. Soon, Becca starts dating Jonah, finding a relationship with him to be more mature and easy. Cam only proves her point after he publicly picks a fight with Becca and insults her in a fit of jealousy.

Even though Cam realizes his mistake, his words damage something crucial between Becca and him. Consequently, when he tries to beg for Becca’s forgiveness, the latter isn’t interested in talking to him. Furthermore, Mia and Carli’s developing attraction toward one another ends the latter’s relationship with Cam after she cheats on him with Mia, his best friend.

Near the end, Cam and Becca’s friend group is in shatters, plagued by various conflicts and complications. However, after they learn about Mia’s relapse, Becca and Cam work together to try and locate her. While Becca deals with this tragic development, Cam offers her some support, and the pair find a moment of connection. When Becca tells Cam about her abortion, Cam only regrets not being there for her.

Once things settle back down, Cam confesses his love for Becca, maintaining that he can love her whatever way she wants, be it a friend or something more. However, their interaction is cut short by Jonah, and Becca ultimately leaves with her boyfriend without responding to Cam’s confession. As a result, Cam gets drunk with Alison, Mia’s ex-girlfriend, and the two deal with their heartbreaks together.

The next day, Cam gets a text from Alison that alludes to the possibility of them having hooked up. Nevertheless, the narrative never confirms the same and instead imparts a ray of hope for Cam and Becca after the latter reveals she has broken up with Jonah. Since Becca breaks up with her boyfriend on the heels of Cam’s confession, it likely has something to do with the other boy.

Becca’s primary concern with her and Cam’s relationship was its lack of seriousness. By not labeling their feelings, Becca and Cam maintained a distance between each other that the latter bridged with his love confession. The show ends with Cam and Becca as friends, with the possibility of something more open for the future.

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