Letterkenny: Who is Lily? Who Plays Her?

Lily shows up in Letterkenny for the first time as a professional photographer in Hulu’s sitcom ‘Letterkenny.’ She quickly forms a bond with Wayne’s sister Katy over their mutual love for Mexico. Lily, who is taking a break from her life with her boyfriend, decides to hang out with Katy in the rustic town. Katy leads her new friend to MoD3an’s, where she meets Wayne and gets captivated by him. The photographer is a prominent presence in the second half of the sitcom, especially after Wayne believes that Rosie broke up with him. Lily’s appearance in one of the closing shots of the series is enough to understand her significance in the season! SPOILERS AHEAD.

The Beautiful Photographer

Lily shows up in Wayne and Katy’s farm for her photography assignment “A Shot in the Farm.” She meets Katy and they bond over their love for Mexico, the country they both visited recently. Since Lily leaves Mexico with a longing to return, she finds a friend in Katy, who loves everything about the country. Their mutual love for margaritas makes Katy promise an eventful night to Lily, which convinces her to spend the night in Letterkenny instead of finishing her shoot and leaving the town as soon as she can. Katy takes Lily to MoD3an’s, where they get hammered.

Lily is in Letterkenny as part of a getaway from her boyfriend, who is “stuck” in his town like how Wayne is stuck in Letterkenny in Rosie’s view. Every year, the photographer anticipates her journey to Mexico with her family, which convinces her that she belongs in her vacation destination. She tries her best to change the mind of her boyfriend to have him join her to move to Mexico but he makes it clear to her that he doesn’t have any intention to leave his town. Lily then fancies Wayne without knowing that he is not any different from her current partner.

Lily’s move to Mexico may not materialize after Katy decides to not leave Letterkenny. If the photographer has plans to move to the country despite Katy’s decision, the chances of anyone accompanying are severely low. Even if Wayne reciprocates her interest in him, he won’t leave Letterkenny for Lily when he doesn’t for Rosie. Lily may disappear from Wayne and Lily’s lives after having enough fun in the rustic town to forget her troubles for a while and relax.

Ella Cannon’s Lily

Ella Cannon, who is known for portraying Peyton in Netflix’s 2022 drama film ‘Trees of Peace,’ plays Lily in ‘Letterkenny.’ Cannon was born in East Melbourne, Australia, in a family formed by her parents and younger brother. After appearing in several short films, her breakthrough came with her performance as Talia Maslin in ‘Neighbours,’ the longest-running drama series in the history of Australian television. The performance was followed by appearances in ‘Footballer Wants a Wife,’ ‘The Dough,’ ‘Winners & Losers,’ and ‘The Lost Wife of Robert Durst.’

After moving to the United States, Cannon started to be a part of several popular shows, starting with a brief appearance in The CW’s dark fantasy drama ‘Supernatural’ as Paula Swan. The actress then joined the cast of The CW’s supernatural crime drama series ‘iZombie’ to play Rachel Greenblatt. Since appearing in ‘Trees of Peace,’ Cannon has been appearing in several TV movies such as ‘The Perfect Man(icure),’ ‘A Maple Valley Christmas,’ ‘Deadly Due Date,’ and ‘10 Steps to Love.’ Her recent credits are Cara Miller in Great American Family’s ‘Peppermint and Postcards’ and Lila in NBC’s ‘The Irrational.’

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