Lifetime’s The Venice Murders: Filming Locations and Cast Details

Helmed by Lane Shefter Bishop, Lifetime’s ‘The Venice Murders’ is a crime thriller movie that follows a promising young lady named Celia who decides to follow her true passion and leaves behind her successful career. Her passion takes her to Italy where she pursues an art degree but little did she know that her life is yet to take some more unexpected turns. Soon, her new roommate goes missing with the local Italian she is currently dating being a prime suspect in the case.

Although surrounded by unfamiliar faces and places, Celia manages to find some help and teams up with her estranged and eccentric expat Aunt Rosa. Together, they do everything in their power to find Celia’s friend and bring the abductor to justice. The story unfolds in the city of Venice as the protagonist navigates the picturesque terrain of the city in search of her friend, leaving the viewers asking questions regarding the filming sites of ‘The Venice Murders.’ Well, if you wish to find out if it was shot in Venice or not, we have got you covered!

Where Was The Venice Murders Filmed?

‘The Venice Murders’ was filmed in Italy and France, specifically in Venice and Nice. Production on the thriller film got underway in April 2023 and wrapped up after 13 days of international shooting, in early May of the same year. Now, let’s not waste any time and get a detailed account of all the specific locations that make an appearance in the Lifetime movie!

Venice, Italy

Since most of the story is based in Venice, as the title suggests, the production team traveled all the way to the Queen of the Adriatic itself in order to shoot many pivotal sequences of ‘The Venice Murders.’ They set up camp in a number of different sites across the city and utilized several iconic landmarks, including the world-famous and picturesque Grand Canal and supposedly the Patriarchal Cathedral Basilica of Saint Mark at Piazza San Marco, 328, in Venice.

Nice, France

After four beautiful and enjoyable days of shooting in Venice, the filming unit of ‘The Venice Murders’ took the production to the city of Nice, which lies on the French Riviera at the foot of the French Alps. From the looks of it, the cast and crew members made the most of the city’s vast and versatile landscape to make Nice stand in for Venice. Also known as Nice la Belle, the city has hosted numerous film projects over the years. Some of the notable ones include ‘Ronin,’ ‘The Day of the Jackal,’ ‘The Last of Sheila,’ ‘The Reunion,’ and ‘The Good Thief.’

The Venice Murders Cast

‘The Venice Murders’ consists of a group of talented actors, including Sophie Hopkins who essays the role of Celia. The London-based actress is best known for her portrayal of April Maclean in BBC’s ‘Class,’ a spin-off of ‘Doctor Who,’ but she has been featured in various other film and TV projects over the course of her acting career. For instance, she stars in ‘Hurt by Paradise,’ ‘Nightingale,’ ‘Jolly Good Christmas,’ and ‘Trickster.’ Joining her is Darcy Grey who portrays Matteo in the Lifetime thriller movie.

Some of you might recognize Darcy from other movies and TV shows that he has been featured in throughout his career, such as ‘Glorious,’ ‘The Things We’ve Seen,’ ‘What Happened in Danville,’ and ‘Emmerdale Farm.’ The main characters are accompanied by several other actors in supporting roles, including Charlotte Rothwell as Evie, Eva Pope as Aunt Rosa, Luca Ribezzo as Dante, Douglas Dean as Inspector Santo, Claire Dyson as Isadora, Fabio Massimo as Professor Bruni, and Gianfilippo Grasso as Carmine. Moreover, Kathryn Lincoln, Veronika Klimenko, Helen Minassian, and Axel Mastache feature in minor roles as well.

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