Love is Blind Brazil Season 2: Where Are The Couples Now? Who Are Still Together?

The idea of love is as tempting as it is unfathomable and is known for throwing everyone for a loop. For each person, the criteria for their perfect match are different, with some preferring to only focus on the personality of their potential partners. In Netflix’s ‘Love is Blind: Brazil,’ the public is introduced to several people who hope to get married to someone they might end up falling for, sight unseen.

However, the path to finding love is far from easy, and the journey to the altar and ever after tying the knot is not always as happy as one might want. The reality dating show‘s second season saw six couples get together, hoping to get wed. Now that the cameras have turned away, fans wonder what the participants are up to and if they are still together. Well, get ready to find the answers with us!

Where Are Thamara Térez and Alisson Hentges Now?

Perhaps one of the most celebrated couples from the Netflix series, Thamara Térez and Alisson Hentges captured the viewers’ hearts with their easy dynamic and tendency to share gossip. In the season finale, both agreed to marry each other, much to the joy of their loved ones and fans. The wedding itself was beautiful and left many with tears in their eyes. As of writing, the couple is happily married and seems to be very thankful for the experiment that they partook in. Thamara and Alisson have been nothing but appreciative about their time on the show and have showered compliments on one another.

Alisson has moved cities to live with Thamara who is based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and works as a lawyer. Recently, her ex mentioned heavily in the show, reportedly accused her of still being in a relationship with him when she joined the experiment. This is contrary to Thamara’s claims that she was previously engaged to him but broke off the relationship before coming to show as she learned that her partner had cheated.

In response to these statements, Thamara likely plans to take the legal route and has stated that she will prove herself in court. On the other hand, Alisson is still working as a production manager. Both he and Thamara are affiliated with Suba, a marketing agency. Additionally, their press needs are handled by Endemol Shine Brasil.

Where Are Flávia Queiroz and Robert Richard Teixeira?

Moving on to the only other couple who got married in the second season of the Brazilian reality series, we have Flávia Queiroz and Robert Richard Teixeira. Despite their rough start, the two ended up marrying each other. However, shortly after their ceremony, the couple separated after Flávia discovered Robert’s seemingly continued use of dating apps. While Robert seems to be apologetic about his mistake and has been earnest in asking for forgiveness, his ex-wife does not seem inclined to be back with him. Flávia has stated that though she has forgiven Robert, she will not resume her relationship with him.

Presently, Flávia works as a medical professional, body piercer, and content creator. She offers her patients health courses and laser therapy and is a Family Health and Stomal Therapy specialist. Interestingly, her on-screen partner is also a part of the health industry as a fitness trainer. Both of them are represented by Suba and Endemol Shine Brasil for their marketing and press requirements.

Where Are Verônica Brito and William Domiêncio Now?

Though Verônica Brito agreed to get married to William Domiêncio on the altar, the latter said “no” as he felt that he wasn’t ready to tie the knot. This development certainly left their fans heartbroken as they had been rooting for the couple who were the first to get engaged in this particular iteration of ‘Love is Blind: Brazil.’ Indeed, the two went on their separate ways after the wedding-that-wasn’t. Since her time on the show, Verônica has moved on and is dating someone else. Meanwhile, William remains a single man and is eager to explore himself and the opportunities around him.

As an accomplished model, Verônica often participates in various photo shoots. In addition, she has a grooming school where she teaches aspiring models how to pose and hit the perfect angles. Meanwhile, William continues working as an accounting assistant, though he has also amassed a significant social media following. Both of them have been quite appreciative of their time on the show and the affection they have received from their fans.

Where Are Vanessa Carvalho and Tiago Chapola Now?

Vanessa Carvalho and Tiago Chapola refused to marry each other at the end of their time on the Netflix show. Though they appreciated their time with each other, they did not feel they should get married. The two have indeed gone on their separate paths and seem to be enjoying their bachelor lives. It does not seem like the couple’s split was as amicable as their fans might have liked, with Vanessa stating in the show’s season 2 reunion episode that she believed Tiago to be “fake and manipulative,” a claim that the latter firmly rejected.

Based in São Paulo, Brazil, Tiago seems to be working as a sales representative and is a proud cancer survivor. When not spending quality time with his loved ones, he loves to play with his dog Ozzy. Meanwhile, Vanessa is a qualified psychologist who works alongside her father in their agriculture business. Besides, she seems to have forged a close bond with other cast members, like Flávia Queiroz and Maíra Bullos.

Where Are Maíra Bullos and Guilherme Martins Now?

The path taken by Maíra Bullos and Guilherme Martins on the Netflix series was different as they separated even before they made it to the altar. Both of them seem to have found happiness with other people and seem to be thriving in their respective lives. Presently, Maira is dating David Araujo, while Guilherme has not revealed the name of his partner. As of writing, Maira lives in Rio de Janeiro and works as a social media creator. Her numerous admirers have supported the reality TV star throughout her journey on the experiment. On the other hand, Guilherme lives in Vitória, Brazil, and has worked as an Air Traffic Controller for Infraero Brasil since February 2016.

Where Are Amanda Souza and Paulo Lopes Now?

While Amanda Souza and Paulo Lopes got engaged on the show, the latter supposedly did not want to go through with the experiment. As of writing, the two are not dating each other. In fact, Paulo is now engaged to Bruna Ferreira, with whom he had a connection in the pods. Interestingly, Bruna left the show midway through, but Paulo did not join her in walking out of the experiment. On the other hand, Amanda does not seem to have let the breakup get her down. She proudly works as an Image Consultant and is affiliated with Agência ERA.

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