Love Like a K-Drama: Where Are They Now? Who Are Still Together?

Netflix’s ‘Love Like a K-Drama’ has easily become a favorite of people across the world thanks to the unique manner in which it combines the world of acting and romance. The Japanese show takes a unique approach to the concept of a dating series, resulting in us cheering heartily for our favorite cast members from the recently released season 1, especially those who did seem to find a happy ending. However, this has also made many wonder about the current status of some of the on-screen relationships and the current whereabouts of their favorite stars.

Wonshik Kim and Honoka Kitahara Are Keeping Their Relationship Private

We are starting off with Wonshik Kim and Honoka Kitahara, the couple who went through various ups and downs in the show that kept the viewers hooked throughout. Despite their doubts midway through, the two remained a favorite of the viewers. Hence, when the two did come together during the final confession, fans could not help but be delighted. However, as of writing, neither one of the reality TV stars has confirmed or denied the continuation of their relationship, preferring to keep the development close to their hearts.

That said, Wonshik and Honoka continue to thrive in their respective careers in the entertainment industry. The former is currently working on a musical project that will be released soon. he has also recently appeared in ‘What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim’ and ‘Pag-ibig Na Kaya?’ As for Honoka, the reality TV star is actually a Sony music artist who enjoys working on her music when not spending time with her adorable dog. As for her acting, some of her recent projects include ‘Ano Hi Bowling Jo Kara Derarenaku Natta Koto’ and ‘Neko no Kioku.’

Ayano Kudo and Tae Gyun Lee Have Yet to Share an Update

Another couple that easily stole the hearts of the viewers is Ayano Kudo and Tae Gyun Lee. The pair’s banterful relationship was peppered with sweet moments that easily helped them earn many supporters. Their final confession at the airport contained promises of love and commitment that fans could not help but swoon over. While the two have since not shared any updates about the status of their relationship, they continue to interact online in a positive manner that has instilled their well-wishers with much hope that the two continue to be together in a romantic manner.

On a more professional note, Tae Gyun has recently entered the world of acting but remains a highly well-known name in the modeling industry. Over the past years, he has been featured in publications like Vogue Korea, Arena Korea, and GQ Korea. He was recently also seen acting in ‘Brave Citizen.’ As for Ayano, the Japanese actress is affiliated with Oscar Promotion, with some of her more recent works being ‘Kashimashi Meshi’ and ‘Ossan no Pants ga Nandatte Ii Janai ka!’ The 2012 winner of Japan’s National Beauty Pageant has actually been in the acting industry for a very long time.

Dong Kyu Kim and Rio Yamashita Remain Tight-Lipped About Their Love Lives

Let’s now talk about Dong Kyu Kim and Rio Yamashita, whose on-screen journey came about in a way that few had expected but still earned the adoration of many. From heartbreak to indecision, their love story had it all, with a final confession that had us all swooning over the pair’s deep feelings for each other. However, the two reality TV stars have chosen to remain silent about their current romantic lives, preferring to keep the details private. From all accounts, it seems like the two continue to have a good relationship, which has certainly made their fans optimistic.

Affiliated with Korea’s Agency Karten, Dong Kyu’s recent reality TV debut has helped him become beloved across the world. He also continues to work hard in order to realize his dreams as an actor. As for Rio, she is working alongside Stardust Promotion and has been part of the entertainment industry since she was a teenager. She is also known as Rio-chan, and her recent works include ‘ Last Man: Zenmo no Sosakan’ and ‘Penalty Loop.’

Nozomi Bando is Thriving as an Actor and Model

Nozomi Bando may not have found her happy ending through the Netflix show, but she did find many supporters thanks to her performance. Though she had felt bittersweet about her ultimate ending in the show, Nozomi continues to be on good terms with many of her fellow cast members and has expressed her appreciation for the journey she went on due to the social experiment. As of writing, she remains a huge part of the Japanese entertainment industry.

Affiliated with LDH Japan, Nozomi was recently seen in ‘(Ab)normal Desire’ as Yume Takami. Additionally, she is an active model who won the Miss Seventeen award in 2012 and is now affiliated with the establishment as a model. The reality TV star is also a dancer who prefers to spend time in the company of her friends and family. She also has an adorable dog whom she loves very much and often posts about on social media.

Ji Hyuk Song is a Former K-Pop Star

We are also quite excited to talk about Ji Hyuk Song, whose past and present work has helped him earn fans across the world. Part of Nine Ato Entertainment, he was recently seen in ‘The Secret Romantic Guesthouse’ as Choi Jong Soo. Interestingly, he was one of the members of the popular K-pop boy band Supernova, which has produced songs in both Korean and Japanese languages. Though the musical group is now seemingly disbanded, Ji Hyuk remains beloved by those who have enjoyed the band’s work over the years.

Seemingly still single, Ji Hyuk does not seem to have many regrets when it comes to the Japanese Netflix show. He remains close to many of his fellow cast members from the show, having the distinct advantage of being the only person among the eight who knew Japanese and Korean during the production of the series.

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