MAFS Season 15: Who Are Still Together? Where Are They Now?

Five couples participating in the 15th season of Lifetime’s ‘Married At First Sight’ were unprepared for the rollercoaster ride of emotions they experienced on the reality TV show. In the show, they get matched with compatible partners by experts, and they embark on a journey where they tie the knot upon first meeting. The ensuing honeymoon period allows them to bond and decide if they see a future together. Despite each couple’s distinct path in the season, they faced similar challenges and public scrutiny. Ultimately, their decisions revealed whether the initial matches suited a lifetime commitment.

Morgan And Binh have Finalized Their Divorce

Morgan Bell and Binh Trinh faced challenges from the outset of their marriage in the inaugural season. Binh’s diagnosis with COVID forced the couple to postpone their wedding plans and delay joining the other contestants on the season. Once they embarked on their honeymoon, tensions arose swiftly when Morgan discovered that Binh had disclosed to fellow contestants that she was not a nurse, which left her feeling betrayed. Despite her clear communication with Binh about the need for privacy, his behavior remained unchanged, prompting Morgan to realize that their marriage needed to end. The couple divorced before the season’s conclusion and have since gone their separate ways, no longer maintaining contact.

Binh has successfully transitioned into acting and modeling, showcasing his achievements through collaborations with renowned brands such as Adidas on his active social media presence. As an individual of Asian descent, he openly discusses the discrimination and bullying he has encountered due to his race, acknowledging the sacrifices and challenges endured by his immigrant parents, especially his mother. Presently, Binh is represented by Muse Management and Naturally Fit Agency, directing his efforts towards his professional endeavors from his San Diego and Los Angeles bases.

Since the season’s conclusion, Morgan has maintained a discreet and private presence, continuing her career as a travel nurse. While Binh has publicly acknowledged his past actions on the show, expressing regret for his immaturity and negligence, Morgan has chosen not to issue any public response or accept his apology. She prefers to handle her affairs privately at this time.

Krysten And Mitch​​​’s Marriage Did Not Work

When Krysten Collins and Mitch Silverstein appeared on the season, viewers sensed their journey wouldn’t conclude positively. Initially expecting someone resembling his crush, Jessica Biel, Mitch admitted upon meeting Krysten that he wasn’t attracted to her. Throughout the season, the couple struggled to comprehend each other’s needs, unable to bridge the gap. When it came time to decide the fate of their marriage, Krysten expressed that Mitch embodied everything she had hoped for, whereas Mitch revealed he hadn’t developed feelings of love for her. Their love story concluded in heartbreak for Krysten, leading them to part ways.

Since relocating to New York in June 2023, Krysten has embraced a lifestyle filled with joy and fulfillment, reveling in her love for shopping, dining, and travel, accompanied by her faithful companion, a pug named Luna. Having previously resided in various cities, including Washington, New York, and San Diego, Krysten embodies a zest for life and exploration. Her commitment to physical fitness was recognized when she was appointed as the brand ambassador for CycleBar Hilltop in Virginia Beach in February 2023. Her recent excursion to Mexico exemplified the flourishing life of a single, divorced young woman at the peak of her happiness.

Mitch has found fulfillment as a policy advocate for the Surfrider Foundation, where he actively engages in environmental activism. He enthusiastically volunteers at numerous events, including California Ocean Day, and collaborates on governmental and structural initiatives to promote conscious change. He thrives in the outdoors and is often seen enjoying nature’s bounty. Utilizing his public platform, he advocates for causes close to his heart and cherishes moments spent with his family, particularly his niece and nephew, Aya and Emi.

Stacia and Nate Have Officially Parted Ways

Stacia Karcher and Nate Barnes initially appeared to be a formidable couple, showing promise during their honeymoon phase. However, during the reunion, Stacia revealed that they encountered significant challenges in their relationship. While Stacia was eager to start a traditional married life, including having children, Nate remained hesitant and maintained a separate apartment. Stacia felt that Nate’s lack of commitment was evident, leading to their decision to divorce in December 2022.

Stacia wears multiple hats, working as a tax accountant and digital creator and recently venturing into real estate investment. Her social media profiles showcase a variety of content, including trending reels, home decor tips, and lifestyle videos. Known for her humorous side, she often brings laughter to her audience. Additionally, Stacia advocates for black-owned businesses and emphasizes the importance of physical and mental fitness through her channels.

Nathan is also active as a digital creator, using his platform to advocate for men’s health, fashion, and overall well-being. He openly discusses his breakup and the challenges of navigating fame as a reality TV personality. Nathan has partnered with brands like Hotel Collection, GLD, and ASRV, which are known for their training apparel. Residing in San Diego, he takes pride in his cultivated lifestyle and feels content with his current path.

Alexis and Justin’s Marriage Ended in Divorce

When Alexis Williams and Justin Hall first met at the altar, it seemed like destiny had played a hand. They had encountered each other on a dating app before the show but could not meet. Being paired up felt like the universe was orchestrating their union. While Justin quickly professed his love, Alexis needed more time to develop her feelings. Despite agreeing to marriage on Decision Day, their relationship didn’t end. During the reunion episode, it became apparent that the couple faced numerous challenges, including difficulties maintaining healthy boundaries and issues with physical intimacy. Ultimately, Alexis confessed that her feelings for Justin were not as strong, leading to their separation.

Since her breakup with Justin, Alexis has undergone significant changes in her life. In September 2023, she proudly announced her decision to join the Navy, a move she deemed necessary for her personal and professional growth. Transitioning from her previous role as a logistics specialist, Alexis found fulfillment in serving her country. Then, in February 2024, she shared her engagement to Cierra Johnson. After seven months of dating, Alexis was sure that Cierra was the one she wanted to spend her life with. Currently stationed at the US Naval Base in Yokosuka, Japan, Alexis frequently travels to the US to be with her beloved.

Shortly after the show ended, Justin made headlines in January 2023 by announcing his relationship with Caitlin Sutton. Despite backlash from the show’s fans online, Justin remained steadfast in his commitment to Caitlin. Together, they have built a strong relationship in San Diego, where Justin feels supported, loved, and cherished. Additionally, Justin revealed that he had been diagnosed with Klinefelter Syndrome and has been transparent about how it affects his daily life. Currently working as a performance marketer, Justin finds fulfillment in his career. Justin appears to be thriving in life with his faithful companions, Mya the dog and Baloo the cat.

Lindy And Miguel Dissolved Their Marriage

Lindy Elloway and Miguel Santiago encountered many challenges while on the show. Their honeymoon was marked by frequent arguments, ranging from disputes over Lindy’s decision to change her last name to disagreements about including her name in Miguel’s health insurance. Observers, including fellow contestants and audience members, perceived Miguel as controlling, while Lindy struggled with communication and appeared to change her behavior around him. Despite these issues, they agreed to continue their relationship when Decision Day arrived. However, faced with continued scrutiny and challenges, they decided to separate in February 2023 due to insurmountable unresolved issues.

Lindy is an avid traveler with a passion for exploring exotic destinations worldwide. She has ventured to numerous dream-worthy locations, from Japan to Mexico and Bali to Italy. In October 2023, she began working as a flight attendant, a career choice that perfectly aligns with her love for travel. Lindy has expressed how her job has not only allowed her to indulge in her passion but also provided a source of healing after one of the most challenging years of her life, the year of her divorce from Miguel.

Miguel has faced some health challenges, particularly with his diagnosis of osteoarthritis in March 2023. Since then, he has prioritized his physical well-being, focusing on managing his condition, especially his back. Alongside physical therapy and exercises, he emphasizes the importance of posture and movement, significantly recognizing the value of physical health when it’s compromised. Miguel also channels his creativity through poetry, sharing his profound thoughts and emotions on his Instagram page. Recently, in March 2024, he underwent surgery and is currently in the process of recovery.

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