Married at First Sight Season 15: Who Are Still Together?

Are arranged marriages any good? How does one settle down with a completely unknown partner? What does it take for a marriage to work? Lifetime’s ‘Married at First Sight‘ attempts to answer all these questions and more as it brings together a group of singles who are coupled up by relationship experts. These couples meet for the first time at the altar, where they are married off before being sent on an all-expense paid honeymoon. Later, the pairs are also allowed to have a taste of normal married life before deciding to remain married or get a divorce.

‘Married At First Sight’ season 15 has been an exciting season as it introduced us to several interesting couples. Apart from getting a sneak peek into each pair’s lives, we got to witness the issues they had to deal with on a daily basis. Besides, the show even emphasized heavily on steamy romances and shocking drama. Still, with the cameras now turned away, fans are eager to know which couples are still together. Fret not because we come bearing answers!

Nate Barnes and Stacia Karcher

From the very beginning, Nate and Stacia were extremely serious about their commitment and got their wedding date tattooed on their hands. They were also quite eager to let the experiment run its course, and it seemed like their journey would not hit a single snag. However, things soon went south as Nate was not able to satisfy Stacia’s emotional needs. As a result, they got into several altercations, which threatened to ruin their dynamic. Yet, even with the trouble, the couple kept finding their way back to each other. Eventually, on decision day, Nate and Stacia took the decision to stay together, much to their delight.

However, readers will be interested to know that while Nate was residing in the downtown area of San Diego, Stacia lived in the suburbs, and the two spent a few days together from time to time. Moreover, they weren’t on the same page in regards to having children, as Stacia wanted to start a family immediately, while Nate was willing to wait. As a result, a gap in communication formed between the two, and reports even state that Stacia asked Nate for a divorce. Nevertheless, from the looks of it, the two have managed to work things out and are still together. While they often upload couple pictures and gush about their better halves in public, we wish them the very best for the years to come.

Alexis Williams and Justin Davis

Alexis and Justin seemed very into each other during their first meeting, but trouble soon made its way into the relationship. For starters, the couple found it hard to get intimate with each other as Alexis was left seemingly unsatisfied after they tried to consummate their marriage. Besides, while Alexis wanted someone who could take charge of her life, Justin appeared to be too gentle to do so, and he even seemed concerned about his wife not being able to give up her habit of going clubbing.

However, the biggest issue arose when an interaction between Justin and Alexis’ pets ended up injuring the latter. This made Alexis genuinely upset, even though Justin was ready to give up his pet. Eventually, on decision day, the two decided to stay together but broke up almost immediately as they had a massive altercation. At present, Alexis and Justin have gone their separate ways, although the pair’s preference for privacy and limited presence on social media makes their current status quite unclear.

Miguel Santiago and Lindy Elloway

Miguel and Lindy had a perfect start to their relationship, as the pair were delighted to be matched up with each other. They were the couple with the least amount of drama, and fans expected them to go the whole distance. Although there were a few differences in opinions, and the couple got quite irritated with each other at times, they always sought to solve the problem instead of magnifying it. Moreover, Miguel and Lindy were one of the few couples to have reached a level of perfect mutual understanding, which helped their relationship blossom.

Well, readers will be delighted to know that their relationship has survived, and Lindy has now moved into Miguel’s San Diego house. Incidentally, they prefer to keep their personal lives under wraps, but we know that Lindy adopted her husband’s last name, which made Miguel extremely happy. Besides, with the couple planning to buy a house and start a family, we hope happiness never eludes them in the long run.

Binh Trinh and Morgan Bell

Binh and Morgan’s marriage failed completely, as the two didn’t even wait till decision day to get a divorce. While they were quite attracted to each other initially, Morgan soon realized that Binh would never be able to give her the companionship and support she was looking for in a life partner. On the other hand, Binh was always afraid of making mistakes and soon understood that he needed to be confident about himself and his decisions.

Therefore, deciding to work on each other, the pair separated but vowed to remain friends. Well, they seem to have kept their promise, as Binh and Morgan are now close friends. Although they meet occasionally, the pair confirmed that they no longer had romantic feelings for each other. In fact, Morgan has seemingly started dabbling in the dating scene again, hoping to find someone special.

Krysten Collins and Mitch Silverstein

Unfortunately, Krysten and Mitch got off on the wrong foot, as the latter was quite dissatisfied with the pairing. Even though Krysten and Mitch did end up tying the knot, their honeymoon turned into a nightmare when the latter revealed that he wasn’t attracted to his wife. While Krysten stated that she knew Mitch didn’t feel affectionate toward her, she claimed that the truth shocked her beyond belief. Besides, Mitch also seemed extremely doubtful about his relationship with Krysten and made her feel like she was just an option in his life.

While such issues made Krysten feel disappointed and dejected, she was unable to get out of the relationship in time, and the couple had to wait till decision day to agree on a divorce. Currently, the two have maintained a proper friendship and sources allege that Mitch still has a soft corner for Krysten. However, Krysten has refuted all claims about getting back together, and from the looks of it, the two are leading happy, independent lives.

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