What Is Mary Fitzgerald’s Net Worth?

‘Selling Sunset’ star Mary Fitzgerald is an American real estate agent who is currently working with The Oppenheim Group in Los Angeles, California. Being the number one real estate team in the West Hollywood area and focusing on selling high-end luxury properties to those who can afford it, it’s only natural that the employees who work in this organization are just as glamorous and gorgeous.

Mary, who was one of the organization’s first employees, is also the one who is the most passionate, ambitious, and competitive. Her lifestyle and the fact that she always wants the best possible deals for her clients, no matter what she earns, has made everyone extremely very curious about her experience in the industry and her net worth. So, to know all the details, just keep reading!

How Did Mary Fitzgerald Earn Her Money?

After graduating from Ball State University, Mary began her real estate career in 2008 in the South Bay. Following this, she spent her initial years in the industry working in New York and London, where she gained not only experience but also tasted success, thanks to her hard work and determination. Mary worked for Shorewood Realtors in California for three years before working in Candy & Candy, at their London headquarters. She is known to be involved in the latter’s real estate project at One Hyde Park.

Mary returned to Los Angeles in 2014 to join The Oppenheim Group and has been working with them ever since. Now, she permanently resides in the city and represents both buyers and sellers in its luxury real estate market on behalf of the organization. She works closely with her ex-boyfriend and the President of the firm, Jason Oppenheim, to ensure that her clients are always satisfied. She usually earns five to six-figure commissions from her work here.

As an employee of the company, she is also a part of Netflix’s ‘Selling Sunset’ as one of its main and permanent cast members. The series first aired on March 21, 2019, and revolves around the lives of the fierce women working in The Oppenheim Group and the amazing properties available in the market. The main focus, though, has been on how these women navigate their personal and professional lives.

Mary Fitzgerald Net Worth 2020

Based on everything we know about her, our estimates suggest that Mary Fitzgerald’s net worth as of 2020 is close to $1 million. Mary Fitzgerald is one of the hardest working employees at The Oppenheim Group and earns five-figure commissions. Her net worth is well-deserved!

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