Matty Edgell Remains Ambitious After The Great British Baking Show

Image Credit: Mark Bourdillon/Channel 4

Having gained much popularity over the years, ‘The Great British Baking Show,’ AKA ‘The Great British Bake Off,’ has become a favorite of all those who enjoy either making or simply consuming baked goods. Hence, people like Matthew “Matty” Edgell gained much appreciation for his time in the fourteenth iteration of the baking show, even in the USA, where one can watch it on Netflix. While his stellar performance has indeed helped him earn fans, many in the audience cannot help but be curious about his current whereabouts. Well, here is what we know about the same.

Matty Edgell’s The Great British Baking Show Journey

Matty Edgell’s aspirations as a baker drove him to work hard and never stop dreaming. His efforts certainly paid off when he became one of the 12 participants of the British series. However, he was well aware that the task would not be easy, given the skills demonstrated by his fellow cast members. As such, he resolved to do his best and ensure that his work and flavors would allow him to win the judges over. After all, no one can say no to a sweet and delicious baked treat!

In the first stage of the competition, Matty was one of the 12 to be a part of Cale Week. For his very first task, he had to create his own version of a vertical layer cake. Knowing what people do and do not like, Matty decided to base his dish on the mouthwatering concept of tiramisu. After this, he was faced with the Technical challenge, where everyone had to try and make the same dish. While his position at number 7 was just below the top half, it did help him stay afloat in the competition.

For the Showstopper challenge, all participants were asked to make an animal-themed cake. Matty himself opted to theme his creation on Marty, his Cocker Spaniel. However, the dish was not that visually appealing, with Paul Hollywood commenting that it looked like it had been “run over,” while Prue Leith quipped that she had never seen a Cocker Spaniel of the color that Matty had brought to her. Despite this, his favors were delicious enough that Matty was able to escape the eliminations.

Where is Matty Edgell Today?

Based in Cambridgeshire, England, Matty Edgell seems to be doing quite well in life. The reality TV star has been interested in baking since he was a child and became fascinated with a teddy-shaped cake his grandmother had made. Now, he is a Physical Education and Science Teacher for Hampton Academy, having held the position since September 2019. However, he continues to hold baking close to his heart and hopes to take it to the next level. While his fans are certainly hopeful to see what Matty will cook up next in life, he himself is looking forward to spending his time with his fiancée, Lara. In fact, one of Matty’s biggest dreams is to bake his own wedding cake. We wish him and his loved ones the best in life and hope they all have a wonderful future ahead!

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