Mayor of Kingstown Season 2 Episode 5 Recap: Kill Box

Paramount+ ‘Mayor of Kingstown‘ is a crime drama series starring Jeremy Renner as Mike McLusky, the power broker who helps control the titular town’s criminal underworld and prison system. In the show’s second season, Mike quickly finds himself out of his depth, dealing with the aftermath of the prison riots. The fifth episode, titled ‘Kill Box,’ sees Mike separately searching for Bunny and the Generals after the 10th city prison is evacuated, and the inmates are shifted to a new location. If you are wondering whether Mike finds Bunny and frees him from prison, here is everything you need to know about the end of ‘Mayor of Kingstown’ season 2 episode 5! SPOILERS AHEAD!

Mayor of Kingstown Season 2 Episode 5 Recap

The fifth episode, titled ‘Kill Box,’ opens with Mike McLusky’s office getting swarmed with relatives of the 10th city prison inmates. Rhonda, the cousin of Deverin “Bunny” Washington, arrives at the office and demands a meeting with Mike. In Mike’s office, Rhonda urges Mike to free Bunny as soon as possible. Rhonda worries that with Bunny in prison, rival gangs could hit their spot and cause trouble. However, Mike reveals he is unaware of where Bunny is being kept. Nonetheless, Mike promises his best to rectify the situation. Meanwhile, we see Bunny imprisoned in a new prison with no pull.

Mike contacts Carney and asks him to scan the prisons and locate Bunny. Elsewhere, Joseph’s men storm into the house of Horace, the man who took Milo Sunter’s bonds. They attack Horace’s wife and kill her after she fails to reveal the location of the bonds. Mike holds a meeting with Ian, Stevie, and Kyle, and they discuss the situation of the bonds. Mike learns of Horace and his wife’s death. However, he refuses to return the bonds to Milo as they are the police’s only chance of catching Milo.

Mike theorizes that Milo will come after the bonds at all costs allowing them to recapture him. However, Ian and Steive remain unconvinced. Kyle encourages Mike to let him work with the KPD and search for Bunny and the other Generals. However, Mike is unwilling to thrust his brother’s life into danger with a baby on the way. Bunny meets Big Hush, one of the shot callers in the new prison, and reunites with Raphael. However, the 10th city inmates get concerned after some of them start having seizures.

At home, Kyle discusses his future and tells his wife, Tracy, that he has been reinstated to active duty. However, he is conflicted about working with Mike again and endangering their son’s future. However, Tracy comforts Kyle and encourages him to follow his heart. In the new prison, Bunny and the other Generals discuss a plan of action as everyone except Bunny loses faith in Mike. Luis, the Mexican gang leader, decides to take matters into his own hands.

Mike visits Rhonda and promises to look after Bunny’s hideout until he can free Bunny. At the church, Milo meets Joseph and expresses his disappointment after the latter fails to retire Milo’s bond. Milo spares Joseph for the time being and decides to retrieve the bonds himself. Carney locates Bunny and arranges a phone call with Mike. However, their conversation is cut short by the other correctional officers. The next day, Mike visits Bunny in prison, and the former reveals the Generals have lost faith in Mike. Hence, Bunny is also considering acting solo, jeopardizing Mike’s deal with the DA’s Office.

Mayor of Kingstown Season 2 Episode 5 Ending: Who Killed Luis? Is Bunny in Danger?

Toward the episode’s end, Mike arrives at the prison to meet Bunny. However, their conversation fails to buy Mike more time. Bunny implies that the situation will soon get out of hand for Mike. Bunny also wants to take matters into his own hands. However, after Bunny’s conversation ends, Carney takes him back to his cell. However, the guards from the new prison intercept them. They demand Carney hand over Bunny, but he resists. Nonetheless, the guards bully Carney and forcefully take away Bunny. Later, Bunny is beaten up by the guards before he is thrown into solidarity confinement.

Carney informs Mike about the situation, stopping the Mayor from leaving the prison. Meanwhile, inside the prison, Big Hush orchestrates the murder of Luis. While Luis is in his cell, Big Hush sets him on fire. Luis is set ablaze and burns down in his cell before the correctional officers can intervene and save him. The episode ends as Mike watches the smoke emerging from the prison. The ending implies that Luis was killed for trying to upset the hierarchy of power within the new prison. Luis was eager to take matters into his hand, but Big Hush and other big shots in the prison might not have taken kindly to the 10th city inmates. Hence, it is likely that Bunny is also in danger. Bunny being tossed into solidarity confinement implies that he is powerless in the new prison. Moreover, Big Hush might not be an ally, leading to several complications for Bunny.

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