Mayor of Kingstown Season 2 Episode 4 Recap: The Pool

The second season of ‘Mayor of Kingstown‘ quickly isolates Mike McLusky (Jeremy Renner) from most of his allies as he deals with the aftermath of the prison riots. Mike makes a deal with the Generals that allows him to establish temporary peace, but it is hanging by a threat in the fourth episode. The episode, titled ‘The Pool,’ sees Mike trying his best to release Bunny and the other Generals before they are shifted to a different facility, and it becomes an impossible task. Meanwhile, another problem slowly starts cropping up, demanding Mike’s attention. If you wish to catch up on the episode’s events, here is everything you need to know! SPOILERS AHEAD!

Mayor of Kingstown Season 2 Episode 4 Recap

The fourth episode, titled ‘The Pool,’ opens at a yard where a group of construction workers is conducting a digging operation. One of the construction workers, Horace, discovers something strange in the soil. Upon further inspection, Horace finds a metal box buried in the ground. Meanwhile, the situation in Kingstown’s 10th city prison is escalating quickly. Several inmates are being moved to a different facility, and Bunny becomes concerned about his fate.

Bunny speaks with one of the guards and asks him to contact Mike. However, the guard refuses to listen to Bunny’s concerns. When Bunny demands an explanation about the inmates being shifted, the guard reminds Bunny who is in charge and berates him. Eventually, Bunn threatens the guard and calls Mike with his phone. Bunny starts freaking out and demands Mike arrange his release as soon as possible. As a result, Mike goes to Evelyn Foley’s office to convince her to complete the paperwork.

At Evelyn’s office, Mike learns that the District Attorney is unwilling to sign the release papers of the Generals, the gang leaders Mike convinced to enter the prison to help establish a hierarchy after the prison riots. Mike is enraged at Evelyn’s incompetency and reminds her that she made a deal with him. Mike also threatens the DA, but Evelyn’s hands are tied, forcing Mike to look for a different solution.

Elsewhere, Kyle visits Mitch’s grave and talks about his brother. Later, Kyle visits Mike’s office. He tries to convince Mike to give him an actual job as he continues searching for Iris. Although Mike feels sad for his brother, he does not seem eager to have Kyle by his side as he deals with all five gangs simultaneously. Meanwhile, Horace takes the metal box home and discovers bearer bonds worth millions of dollars.

Inside the 10th city prison, Colton, the Mexican gang leader, has an argument with Bunny. He pressures Bunny to have Mike arrange their release before they are shifted to a new prison. He threatens to hurt Mike and Bunny if Mike fails to keep his word. At night, Bunny meets Mike in the prison yard, and they discuss the situation. However, Mike does not have any solutions yet. At the nightclub, Iris adjusts to life as a stripper. She gets into an argument with Coco, one of the strippers but is calmed down by Tatiana.

Horace tries to sell the bearer bonds at a pawn shop. Meanwhile, Mike meets Captain Kareem Moore and convinces him to slow down the transfer of inmates from the 10th prison. Kareem reluctantly agrees to use his power and slow down the process to buy more time for Mike to arrange the Generals’ release and keep up his end of the bargain. However, Bunny calls Mike at night, demanding he urgently arrives at the prison. On the other hand, a call from Stevie distracts Mike.

Mayor of Kingstown Season 2 Episode 4 Ending: Is Horace Dead? Where Is Bunny?

In the episode, Horace, a construction worker, discovers the bearer bonds hidden away by Milo Sunter before the first season’s events. However, Horace takes the bonds and tries to sell them for money. Eventually, Horace’s plan fails as he is captured and tortured by Joseph, Milo’s right-hand man. Joseph interrogates Horace and demands an answer about how Horace discovered the bonds. Meanwhile, Horace’s disappearance worries his wife, who takes the remaining bonds to the police.

Consequently, Stevie calls Mike and demands he takes a look at the matter. After seeing the bonds, Mike becomes convinced that Milo is alive and roaming free after escaping the prison during the riots. Moreover, Mike fears that  Milo will come after the bonds, allowing them to catch him. However, Mike does not hold much hope of finding Horace. Nonetheless, the new revelation distracts Mike from the task at hand.

Mike arrives at the 10th city prison in the episode’s final moments. However, Mike is too late as most of the prisoners have been relocated. Mike does not find Bunny at the prison, confirming that the Crips leader and the other generals have been transferred to a different prison. As a result, Mike fails to keep his end of the bargain and cannot free Bunny on time.

Elsewhere, a lifeguard arrives for his shift at a local pool. However, when the pool is opened for the children to use, one of them discovers Horace’s dead body in the water. The episode ends with Horace’s death confirming Mike’s suspicion about Milo’s ruthlessness. As a result, Mike’s plate is full of conflicts he must resolve soon. Not only is Milo out of prison, but the transfer of the Generals will make it difficult for Mike to arrange their release. Hence, it will be interesting to see how Mike navigates these challenges.

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