What Happened to Mia Robertson From Duck Dynasty?

Everyone’s favorite Robertson family gained recognition through the 2012 A&E reality television seriesDuck Dynasty,’ which follows the family on their many adventures as they operate their duck-hunting business. Though a moving story, we get to learn how, out of nowhere, the Louisiana family members became multi-millionaires by selling handmade duck calls through their business called Duck Commander. The series inspired multiple spin-offs, with the family also getting featured on the ‘Duckmen’ series and becoming the subject of a drama film called ‘The Blind,’ which focuses on the journey of Phil Robertson and Miss Kay.

They are known for having faith, especially since Phil’s troubled past eventually led him to find Jesus in his darkest times. Apart from contributing to the business, they won hearts by sharing anecdotes from their day-to-day lives on the show. An important part of the family is Missy and Jase Robertson’s daughter Mia, who is a guiding light in their lives but also suffers from a birth defect she is struggling with. With the series ending in 2017, let’s find out what happened to Mia Robertson.

Mia Robertson: Everything About Her Medical Condition

After a difficult pregnancy and a miscarriage, Mia Robertson, the only daughter of Missy and Jason Silar Robertson, better known as Jase, was born in 2003 in Louisiana. She was born with a cleft lift and cleft palate, which is a medical condition that develops at the fetal stage and leads to an opening in the upper lip, which usually requires surgeries for correction. Following this discovery, Mia too had multiple surgeries on the show itself, which were documented by her parents, who believe in keeping their faith intact.

Mia has two elder brothers, Reed and Cole, who were born healthy. Missy never fails to acknowledge how Mia’s condition helped her appreciate her sons’ health, too, and not take anything in their family for granted. In her 2017 book ‘Blessed, Blessed . . . Blessed: The Untold Story of Our Family’s Fight to Love Hard, Stay Strong, and Keep the Faith When Life Can’t Be Fixed,’ Missy discusses how hard it was to first learn of Mia’s condition, and that despite questioning God for it, her faith continued to remain intact, knowing that there’s always a bigger plan and a way out of a difficult situation. She claims that Mia has helped her see the positive side of life with her optimism and her ability to always have faith in God and take life lightly.

While Mia’s condition involves multiple surgeries, with no way of knowing which one will be the last, Missy understands the importance of managing her condition more than looking at it as something that needs to be fixed. Mia first got operated on when she was just three months old, and since it can impair speech and lead to other issues, she has had to constantly work on it. Missy also started a Mia Moo Fund in 2014 to raise awareness about this condition and also to help other parents get financial aid to treat their children suffering from something similar. The 20-year-old underwent her 14th surgery, which the family hoped was her last, in 2022.

Where is Mia Robertson Now?

Quoting verses from the Bible and always maintaining a positive attitude despite her hardships, Mia Robertson is now back in her college at Lipscomb University in Nashville, Tennessee, after a temporary break. Mia had to miss her first day of sophomore year of college on August 22, 2023, to undergo another surgery – her 15th – to correct her cleft lip and palate. After a similar surgery twice before this, Mia was required to get it done again due to some complications previously, and despite knowing that she will need a month of rest and recuperation, Mia has decided to continue being positive and uphold her faith in God through this process.

Post her surgery, both Missy and Jase shared updates about her and informed their followers that Mia’s 15th surgery was successful and seemed a lot more promising this time, and the hardware used should reduce her pain a lot more and make her mouth more functional. Missy also decided to take the surgery on a lighter note and joked about how Mia wasn’t a very pleasant person in the first few hours of her recovery. After braving this storm, Mia feels grateful to be back with her friends in her college so she can continue life with a lot more normalcy.

More recently, after the surgery, Mia also got to attend her cousin’s wedding, had the time of her life, and also got clicked near the Blue Ridge Parkway. Mia is also making the best use of her college life by spending time with her friends and enjoying her life. She also attended a bible camp, Camp Ch-Yo-Ca, recently and took a trip to Gulf Shores, Alabama, to spend time with her family. Before this, she also went to Charleston in South Carolina and had a wonderful time.

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