Miss Meadows Ending, Explained: Does Miss Meadows Stop Skylar?

‘Miss Meadows’ is a 2014 dark comedy thriller film directed by Karen Leigh Hopkins and follows Miss Mary Meadows, a first-grade elementary school teacher who moonlights as a violent crime-fighting vigilante. She soon falls in love with the local Sheriff, who is tracking down the vigilante, killing the criminals in the town. On the other hand, Miss Meadows must also deal with a dangerous ex-convict threatening her students. Whether Miss Meadows succeeds in her quest or her secret gets exposed rings in the ending of ‘Miss Meadows.’ SPOILERS AHEAD!

Miss Meadows Plot Synopsis

‘Miss Meadows’ follows Mary Meadows (Katie Holmes ‘Logan Lucky‘), a young woman who lives alone in a small American town. She works as a substitute first-grade elementary school teacher. Affectionately called Miss Meadows, Mary enjoys spending time with the children and takes long walks in her suburban neighborhood in her free time. She teaches the students lessons of kindness and compassion and goes about her everyday routine. Aside from minor interactions with her neighbors and phone conversations with her mothers, Miss Meadows mostly keeps to herself and does not socialize much. However, she is generally a well-liked figure in the local community.

Miss Meadows secretly works as a vigilante and deals with crimes in her neighborhood using a semi-automatic pistol she always carries with her. One day, Miss Meadows takes her students out for a picnic. However, she encounters a gunman at the nearby diner and quickly diffuses the situation. Shortly after, Miss Meadows meets Skylar (Callan Mulvey of ‘The Gray Man‘), an ex-convict who interacts with her students while she is at the diner. Meanwhile, Miss Meadows also meets the new town Sheriff (James Badge Dale of ‘1923‘) and forms a bond with him.

Miss Meadows and the Sheriff are drawn to each other and develop romantic feelings in a short amount of time. Over time, Miss Meadows notices that Skylar has been hanging out around the school, trying to interact with the young children. As a result, she looks into his past and learns he was arrested and imprisoned for molesting young children. Miss Meadows, fearing for her students and their safety, tries to threaten Skylar from staying away from the school. However, Skylar starts stalking Miss Meadows and tries to intimidate her.

Miss Meadows deals with a Priest molesting a young child and brings him to justice. However, her vigilante escapades do not go unnoticed as the Sheriff investigates the criminals’ murders. He soon realizes that Miss Meadows might be the suspect he is looking for. Skylar makes his move as things between Miss Meadows and the Sheriff get incredibly complicated when their relationship becomes serious and Miss Meadows becomes pregnant. As a result, the Sheriff struggles to find concrete evidence against Miss Meadows while Miss Meadows continues to keep tabs on Skylar, trying to thwart his nefarious intentions.

Miss Meadows Ending: Does Miss Meadows Stop Skylar?

During the movie’s final act, Skylar makes his move against Miss Meadows. Despite interacting only a handful of times, Skylar and Miss Meadows develop an adversarial relationship. Meanwhile, romance blooms between the Sheriff and Miss Meadows. After learning that Miss Meadows is pregnant, the Sheriff proposes to her, and the couple decides to get married. However, on the day of their wedding, Skylar kidnaps Heather, one of Miss Meadows’ students. As a result, she is forced to track down Skylar and save Heather from harming the young girl.

In the process, Miss Meadows risks exposing her vigilante work to the Sheriff and could get caught by law enforcement. Moreover, her marriage and love are also at stake as she skips the wedding to stop Skylar. Eventually, Miss Meadows finds Skylar holding Heather captive. However, it turns out to be a trap as Skylar uses the opportunity to attack Miss Meadows. She manages to free Heather, who calls for help, running into the Sheriff. However, Skylar holds Miss Meadows at gunpoint after a brief fight. Before he can pull the trigger, the Sheriff arrives and shoots Skylar dead. Ultimately, Miss Meadows ends up stopping Skylar for good and saves Heather from the criminal. However, she only succeeds in her quest with the Sheriff’s help despite hiding her vigilante lifestyle from him. Nonetheless, the truth finally comes out.

Do Miss Meadows and the Sheriff End Up Together?

During the movie’s final moments, Miss Meadows’ secret is revealed to the Sheriff. However, the Sheriff already had his doubts about Miss Meadows being the violent vigilante operating the suburban town. He wasn’t sure of her motivations, which made him torn between choosing his love and his duty, preventing him from arresting Miss Meadows before. In the end, Miss Meadows’ benevolent actions convince the Sheriff that she did the right thing, and her actions are motivated by her desire to save the children.

Ultimately, the Sheriff is the one to pull the trigger on Skylar, and given his position within law enforcement, it wouldn’t be difficult for him to justify his actions in court. However, the entire situation leaves a question mark over Miss Meadows and the Sheriff’s relationship. In the final moments, it is confirmed that Miss Meadows and the Sheriff indeed end up together. The couple is seen raising a young baby together, living a quiet suburban family life. The ending implies that Miss Meadows has since given up her vigilante activities. Instead, she will likely focus on being a mother and making the world a better place through her job as a teacher.

What Happened to Miss Meadows’ Mother?

In the movie, Miss Meadows’s only meaningful human connection outside her relationship with the Sheriff is through her frequent phone conversations with her mother. However, Miss Meadows’ mother never appears in the movie. Midway through the film, it is revealed that Miss Meadows’s mother passed away long ago. As a child, Mary Meadows witnessed her mother’s murder in a shooting incident outside the local church. The incident traumatized Miss Meadows and gave her the trademark child-like speech pattern.

Her mother’s death also motivates Miss Meadows to fight crime and deal with threats to society, especially those who intend to hurt children. However, Miss Meadows’s conversations with her mother are imaginary and showcase a fractured side of the character. Nonetheless, by forming a meaningful relationship with the Sheriff and starting her own family, Miss Meadows is able to overcome the past trauma of losing her mother to the negative societal elements she has been working to neutralize. Thus, by the end, she likely no longer feels the need to fight crime and is content with life as a mother, wife, and teacher.

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