Loved Irish Wish? Here Are 10 Movies You’ll Like

The sophomore directorial of Janeen Damian, ‘Irish Wish’ is a delightful tale of a woman’s wish of being betrothed to the love of her life coming true, only for her to realize that her heart may lie somewhere else. Maddie Kelly is conflicted about the wedding of her dream man, Paul Kennedy, and her best friend. Wishing that she was marrying Paul, Maddie miraculously wakes up in a world where she is engaged to him. Comi2ng to terms with her new situation through a series of comical events, Maddie prepares for the upcoming wedding, finding solace in the company of a handsome photographer, James Thomas.

As the wedding day approaches, Maddie realizes that Paul may not be the perfect man she had perceived him to be and begins to gravitate towards James. The romantic comedy is highlighted by its stunning Irish backdrop and a narrative delving into themes of self-discovery, decision-making, and compatibility. For those who were taken in by the lighthearted romantic escapades, here are some movies like ‘Irish Wish’ to watch.

10. What Happens Later (2023)

Directed by and starring Meg Ryan, ‘What Happens Later’ narrates the story of two ex-lovers meeting after decades and being stuck together in an airport due to a snowstorm, catching up, reminiscing, and re-evaluating their lives. Willa and Bill run into each other at a small airport, not having seen each other since they broke up. A sudden snowstorm traps the two overnight at the airport, and they are left sharing stories and personal developments. Possessing contrasting personalities, the two are simultaneously irritated by and attracted to each other.

As the night draws on, the story takes on an element of magical realism that sees the very airport bring them together, with the disembodied voice of the announcer making humorous observations and remarks. Much like ‘Irish Wish,’ the film is a romantic comedy with fantastical elements that feature explorations of self-discovery, rethinking life decisions, and an uncertain relationship.

9. Wild Mountain Thyme (2020)

In the directorial hands of John Patrick Shanley, ‘Wild Mountain Thym’ takes us to the stunning landscapes of rural Ireland, where Rosemary (Emily Blunt) and Anthony grow up on adjacent farms. As adults, Rosemary has her heart set on Anthony, who seemingly suffers from a family curse, making him have low self-esteem and a clumsy mannerism. With his afflictions, Anthony is unable to confess his feelings for Rosemary, despite their mutual affection for one another. Anthony is jolted when his father (Christopher Walken) discloses plans to sell their farm to his American nephew (Jon Hamm), who begins to court Rosemary.

The film is effortlessly comedic with its compelling characters and a star-crossed romance. Admirers of ‘Irish Wish’ will find resonance with the film’s Irish setting and the emerging dynamic of a love triangle. Both films make use of the beautiful Irish landscape to narrate striking stories of romance and conflicting emotions driven by their extraordinary circumstances.

8. Freaky Friday (2003)

With Mark Waters at the helm, ‘Freaky Friday’ presents a hysterical plot of a rebellious teenage girl and her mother waking up with switched bodies one day. Tess Coleman and her daughter, Anna (Lindsay Lohan), have a tempestuous relationship and constantly find themselves at odds with one another. Each thinks that the other is unable to understand their life’s woes. One day, the two wake up in each other’s bodies, understandably distressed and confused.

With no solution to restore themselves, Tess and Anna are forced to live life in each other’s shoes, making for hilarious moments. If you like Lindsay Lohan in ‘Irish Wish,’ you may appreciate her performance with a completely different avatar in this movie. Both films have a fantastical premise that leads to comedic moments of understanding and self-exploration, providing an intriguing context for the characters’ lives.

7. The Parent Trap (1998)

Directed by Nancy Meyers, ‘The Parent Trap’ is the story of long-lost twin sisters coming together to reunite their divorced parents with clever planning and heartfelt efforts. Annie and Hallie are twins who become aware of each other’s existence when they accidentally meet up at summer camp. The sisters quickly figure out that their parents are separated, with each one raising them separately. Struck with an idea to reunite their family, the girls covertly switch places, getting to meet their second parent for the first time.

Through their combined efforts, the girls seek to ward away their parents’ current love interests and reignite their affection for each other. The heartwarming comedy-drama will appeal to enthusiasts of ‘Irish Wish’ who liked its striking premise and uplifting narrative. Furthermore, both films star Lindsay Lohan in starkly different roles, making for an interesting watch to trace the actress’ work.

6. Just Like Heaven (2005)

A Mark Waters directorial, ‘Just Like Heaven’ is a romantic comedy that follows the story of a beautiful doctor whose untimely demise leaves her as an amnesiac spirit, leading her to bond with a lonely architect who occupies her former home. David (Mark Ruffalo) moves into his new apartment only to run into a clueless woman who seemingly appears out of nowhere. She was an overworked doctor who lost her life without having fully experienced life and love; however, as a spirit, she cannot recall her past.

Realizing her predicament, David agrees to assist the disembodied woman in remembering her life, hoping to help her find peace. Along the way, the two find themselves falling for each other, hoping to bridge the gap between life and death for a few moments together. Fans of ‘Irish Wish’ will appreciate ‘Just Like Heaven’ for its touching romance and creative comedy scenarios. Both films have a fantastical element to their narrative that is driving their explorations of love, life, and relationships.

5. My Best Friend’s Wedding (1997)

Julianne Potter (Julia Roberts) and her best friend, Michael, made a pact in college to marry each other if they were unable to find someone by the age of 28. With only three days left until her 28th birthday, Julianne is terrified of Michael’s impending proposal. However, when he calls, he does so to invite Julianne to his wedding. Jealous and threatened, she makes up her mind to steal him away from the aisle. Helmed by P.J. Hogan, ‘My Best Friend’s Wedding’ lightheartedly delves into themes of confusion, jealousy, and friendship. Similar to Maddie from ‘Irish Wish,’ Julianne realizes that she is too late and wishes to marry the groom instead. Both women are questionable as best friends and create comedic moments through their romantic journeys.

4. While You Were Sleeping (1995)

With Jon Turteltaub in the director’s chair, ‘While You Were Sleeping’ spins a romantic comedy that follows a ticket booth operator who is unwittingly mistaken for the fiancé of a comatose man she admires. Lucy (Julia Roberts) saves the life of a commuter who falls into the railway tracks, causing him to enter a coma. Just as Lucy wishes that she was married to the rich stranger, his family members mistake her for his fiancé.

Unable to tell the truth to the welcoming family, Lucy plays along and draws the attention of Jack, the suspicious brother. However, Lucy and Jack begin to grow closer over their shared hospital visits and family events, making for an interesting situation when Jack’s brother wakes up. Just as in ‘Irish Wish,’ the film has a dream-come-true premise that takes a turn when the protagonist begins an affair, creating a love triangle.

3. Bridget Jones’s Diary (2001)

Directed by Sharon Maguire, ‘Bridget Jones’s Diary’ follows the life of its titular protagonist as she begins to maintain a diary as a part of her New Year’s resolution, improving in matters of her professional and love life. Bridget Jones is unsatisfied with being single, her inability to lose weight, and her job. She begins to journal her true feelings in a diary and honestly works towards self-improvement and finding love.

She soon catches the eye of her charismatic boss, Daniel (Hugh Grant), and is simultaneously attracted to an irritable acquaintance, Mark Darcy. The film will appeal to those who liked the romantic comedy of ‘Irish Wish’ along with its love triangle, with common themes of self-discovery and decision-making. Additionally, the movie introduces an eccentric cast of characters for additional comic relief.

2. Leap Year (2010)

With Anand Tucker at the helm, ‘Leap Year’ follows the misadventures of Anna Brady (Amy Adams) as she travels to Dublin to propose to her boyfriend, unexpectedly finding romance along the way. Anna plans to propose marriage to her noncommittal boyfriend on February 29, leap day, which he cannot deny according to Irish tradition. However, her flight is rerouted, causing her to traverse the countryside with Declan, an innkeeper willing to drive her to Dublin. As the bickering travel companions struggle with unforeseen obstacles along the way, they begin to develop a subtle romance.

When Anna reaches her destination, her boyfriend immediately proposes to her, leaving her in two minds. ‘Leap Year’ has somewhat similar narrative elements to ’Irish Wish,’ with the protagonist desperately seeking to marry her perfect man, but nurturing an unforeseen romance with an accompanying third party.

1. 27 Dresses (2008)

Under the direction of Anne Fletcher, ‘27 Dresses’ narrates the story of a shy woman who has served as a bridesmaid for twenty-seven weddings without even being close to getting married herself. Jane is a selfless young woman who has planned twenty-seven weddings for her friends and is secretly in love with her boss, George. When her flirtatious younger sister comes to town, she steals George right from under Jane’s nose.

As Jane begins to plan yet another wedding as a bridesmaid for her sister, she meets a laid-back writer, Kevin, who pushes her to prioritize her own happiness. Similar to Maddie from ‘Irish Wish,’ Jane has the love of her life marrying someone close to her. Both protagonists meet a free-spirited love interest who helps them open up and discover a new side of themselves.

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