7 Movies Like 7500 That You Must Watch

Amazon Prime’s ‘7500’ follows the story of a plane hijacking where the responsibility of saving everyone’s lives falls on the co-pilot. It takes place entirely inside the cockpit and uses its confined setting to generate the drama that keeps you on the edge of your seat. The way it ends, you are left with an eerie feeling that takes some time to go away. But if you have been caught in that mood, then make the best of it by watching the following films. You can watch several of these movies like ‘7500’ on Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime.

7. Buried (2010)

One of the key factors that make ‘7500’ such a thrilling watch is the confined sense of space. With the protagonist trapped inside the cockpit, the audience too feels like a hostage with a very limited view of what’s going on outside the box. If this feeling of getting trapped inside a box unnerved you, then you should watch ‘Buried’. Starring Ryan Reynolds, it follows the story of a man who is buried six feet underground with just a lighter and a cellphone. As time passes by, the air runs out, and the claustrophobia makes the protagonist, as well as the audience, breathless.

6. Locke (2013)

Even though there are other actors in ‘7500’, the film is basically Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s one-man show. His performance elevates the tension of the movie and makes it all the more interesting to watch. For another such brilliant performance, you should watch ‘Locke’. Starring Tom Hardy in the only role, it follows the story of a man inside a car answering the calls that change his life. Hardy is the only one that we see in the entire film, while the rest of the actors mark their presence through the voices in the phone calls. With a rather simplistic plot, it relies entirely on his performance and shows us why he is one of the best actors around.

5. 12 Angry Men (1957)

While the other hijacking movies focus on the hostages and the perpetrators as much as they focus on the hero who saves the day, ‘7500’ limits the perspective to the person who has the responsibility of saving everyone’s life. One man has to decide whether a person’s life is worth opening the cockpit’s door. In this sense, Tobias becomes the jury that passes a verdict after analyzing the situation. This sense of judgment in confined spaces can be further experienced in ‘12 Angry Men’. Filmed inside a room, the movie follows a jury that has to decide a man’s guilt or innocence.

4. Lebanon (2009)

Confined spaces get smaller when there are more people inside. Things get even worse when that little space happens to exist in the middle of a war and you have the sword of death lingering over your head. A person alone can try to be calm and think, but what happens when there are other people thrown into the equation who might not be as good at keeping calm? ‘Lebanon’ answers this. Set inside a tank, it follows the story of the Israeli troops who found themselves trapped in enemy territory with no reprieve in sight.

3. Rear Window (1954)

While Tobias is stuck inside the cockpit, his only connection to the outside is the small screen that displays the events happening right outside the door. This is how he gauges a situation and acts accordingly. It gives him an insight into the events transpiring outside, but it also shows us that he has a limited vision and hence runs the risk of making wrong decisions based on something he has seen. If this aspect of the film intrigued you, then ‘Rear Window’ should be your next watch. Directed by Alfred Hitchcock, it follows the story of a photographer who is stuck in his apartment due to an injury. He looks out into the world through his camera, and what he sees changes everything.

2. United 93 (2006)

You might have seen many plane hijack movies, but there is rarely any like ‘7500’ that invokes a sense of realism. It leaves the trope of a heroic savior at the door and deals with real people in difficult circumstances. It is because Tobias is such an everyman person that we find him more relatable than Neville Flynn or John McClane. It makes us wonder if ‘7500’ is real, and if that’s what you want in your story, then ‘United 93’ is the one to watch. Unlike ‘7500’, it is based on a true story in the setting of 9/11. What do the passengers do when they discover that the plane has been hijacked and they are flying towards their death?

1. Neerja (2016)

What if you do get stuck on a hijacked plane? What will you do next? Will you pray to be lucky enough to have some ex-special forces guy to be on the plane? Most probably not. Your fate would depend on the way the staff handles the situation. ‘7500’ shows us how important the role of a pilot is in such conditions, but he is inside a cockpit. Who handles the situation on the outside? ‘Neerja’ answers this question. Based on a true story, it follows the events inside a hijacked plane where the level-headedness of a flight attendant saves the lives of the passengers on board.

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