7 Movies Like Four Brothers You Must See

Directed by John Singleton, ‘Four Brothers‘ is a crime drama movie that revolves around four brothers — Bobby, Jack, Angel, and Jeremiah — whose adoptive mother gets killed in a store robbery. They unite with vengeance on their minds and hunt down a powerful gangster named Victor Sweet, whom they believe is responsible for gunning down their mother.

The film depicts the importance of unity in brothers and how vengeance can lead people to go to extreme measures. What makes the film gripping is its suspenseful and dramatic narrative that keeps viewers hooked right until the very end. If you are a fan of the genre and loved watching the Mark Wahlberg-starrer, you would be interested in the movies that we have listed below. You can watch most of these films like ‘Four Brothers’ on Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Hulu.

7. Get Carter (2000)

The Stephen Kay directorial ‘Get Carter’ is a remake of the 1971 eponymous film that revolves around a Las Vegas mob enforcer named Jack Carter. Upon visiting his brother Richard’s funeral in his hometown of Seattle, he discovers that the death of his brother may not have been accidental. So, he sets out on a mission to kill everyone responsible for Richard’s death. What makes ‘Four Brothers’ and ‘Get Carter’ similar is that the loss of a family member fuels the protagonists’ need for vengeance.

6. A Man Apart (2003)

Directed by F. Gary Gray, ‘A Man Apart’ centers upon a duo of DEA agents, Sean and Demetrius, who are former criminals. Their experience on the streets gives them the upper hand and makes it possible for them to arrest a drug baron named Memo Lucero. Later, Memo orchestrates the assassination of Sean, but the latter’s wife Stacy gets killed instead. Blinded by his thirst for revenge, Sean takes the law into his own hands to bring his wife’s killers to justice. Much like ‘Four Brothers,’ ‘A Man Apart’ depicts some elements of street life and how powerful the feeling of revenge can be. Moreover, the loss of a loved one is what drives the narrative forward in both these movies.

5. Broken City (2013)

Featuring Mark Wahlberg, ‘Broken City’ is a crime thriller movie directed by Allen Hughes. It follows ex-policeman Billy, who is framed for the murder of an alleged rapist by the city’s most powerful figure, Mayor Hostetler. Following this deceiving act by the Mayor, Billy seeks revenge while he investigates the truth behind the murder. Apart from Mark Wahlberg playing a central character, the overall tone and feel of the movie is quite similar to ‘Four Brothers.’ Moreover, revenge is a common theme in both films.

4. Edge of Darkness (2010)

Directed by Martin Campbell, ‘Edge of Darkness’ is a crime movie that revolves around Thomas Craven, a homicide detective investigating the murder of his daughter. During the investigation, he discovers some unexpected truths about his daughter as well as a government conspiracy that make an intriguing puzzle he must solve. In addition to the fact that the central character loses a family member, what links ‘Edge of Darkness’ to ‘Four Brothers’ is the disturbing truth that the protagonist unravels while trying to get to the bottom of the matter.

3. Spenser Confidential (2020)

Image Credit: Daniel McFadden/Netflix

Also a Mark Wahlberg-starrer like ‘Four Brothers,’ ‘Spenser Confidential‘ revolves around the titular ex-cop and his no-nonsense roommate named Hawk. When two Boston police officers are killed, Spenser and Hawk join forces to make a ruthless team and hunt down the criminals responsible for the murders. Like the John Singleton directorial, this film involves solving a mystery around murder and all the complications that the protagonists face in the process.

2. Street Kings (2008)

Helmed by director David Ayer ‘Street Kings’ follows an undercover cop named Tom Ludlow (Keanu Reeves), who has not been able to come to terms with the death of his wife. But when Tom is framed for the murder of an officer, he faces all sorts of challenges to prove his innocence. He manages to steer clear from the police’s radar as he scours the city for answers, only to find more questions. The death of a loved one is a prominent feature of both ‘Four Brothers’ and ‘Street Kings.’

1. John Wick (2014)

Here is another film on the list starring Keanu Reeves! Directed by Chad Stahelski and David Leitch, ‘John Wick‘ is an action film that revolves around the titular legendary assassin, who is an embodiment of vengeance. While still in mourning for his deceased wife, John is forced to get back into action when a mobster named Iosef Tarasov and his thugs steal John’s car and kill the puppy his wife had gifted him. The recurrent theme of vengeance and the extreme measures that protagonists take to punish the ones they deem responsible for their loss is common to this film and ‘Four Brothers.’

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