10 Movies Like Transformers You Must See

Transformers redefined movie going experience for millions of us. A science fiction action film based on the toy line of the same name created by Hasbro, Transformers combines computer animation with live-action filming. It was directed by Michael Bay, and Steven Spielberg as executive producer. The film was the fifth highest-grossing film of 2007, grossing $709 million worldwide. The film also won four awards from the Visual Effects Society and was nominated for three Academy Awards, for Best Sound Editing, Best Sound Mixing, and Best Visual Effects. Now that we know why the film has a cult following, here is the list of movies similar to Transformers that are our recommendations. You can watch several of these movies like Transformers on Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime.

10. Independence Day

Will Smith’s foray into science fiction have ingrained into our conscience his undeniable charisma. The film also deals with uninvited guests from space, only this time they end up wanting to destroy earth. The film can be compared to Transformers in the way it introduces an alien species much superior to mankind and whose powers remain incomprehensible. The film portrays the other worldly creatures as extremely scary and creepy but never seizes to give us a jolt of pure science fiction thrill. You may be wondering why Will Smith did not appear in the sequel; perhaps because he is a man who believes that perfection can’t be replicated.

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9. Real Steel

Hugh Jackman usually is the man with the metal claws except here he trains robots made of pure metal. Real Steel is a surprise entry into the world of giant robots giving us one of the best renditions of science fiction flavored with a beautiful storyline. Real Steel may not have diabolic villains to boast about or ultra modern metal clanking stunts in the middle of the nowhere, but it does have a engaging story line. Even if the film might not have a convoluted plot to boast of, it sure does have its nuances where we all wish the film had a sequel!

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8. Pacific Rim

Del Toro’s ‘The Pacific Rim’ is flooded with giant metal robots battling it out – in the middle of the sea. With human soldiers programmed to control the robots, the film opened new perspectives and possibilities into the usage of CGI. Even if the film didn’t garner much acclaim compared to the other robot / sci-fi films, it was a box office hit. Pacific Rim has the language that directly speaks and satisfies an audience looking for larger than life action sequences intertwined with an impactful and moving emotional storyline.

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7. Edge of Tomorrow

Inspired from the Japanese novel, this film had a surprising storyline. The thrill ride begins in a future world where Tom Cruise plays a military PR executive with no war experience, thrown right into the middle of one. Every scene sneaks up with more surprises before finally revealing the spider like alien creatures who will not stop at nothing before they see the end of humanity. Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt invite us into a time loop where the film fully weaves a narrative that have us on to the edge of our seats.

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6. Wall – E

Probably the most unorthodox entry in this list ! Yes, Wall-E does fall into the same category as that of Transformers. The film may not have giant robots or devastating action scenes, but it does have a common premise. One machine trying to save the world. Wall-E travels a graceful journey into a post apocalyptic earth, where a lonely, tiny scavenging machine waits for the day when earth will sprout another green leaf. The film swims in emotions even if we see not much of human interactions except towards the end of the beautifully crafted film that is Wall – E.

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5. Arrival

This is probably the most unique film ever made on aliens. Arrival thrusts us into a world where mystery and suspense bundles into a story that survives purely on man kind’s inquisitiveness to understand and explore the ‘unknown’. Against all possible sci-fi junkie expectations, Arrival starts slow and takes us on a journey where the aliens are presented not just as superior beings but also as wiser ones. Amy Adams portrays each one of us, ever curious about life on different planets. Arrival is one of a kind entry into the sci-fi world and the creators can sure boast about the film’s unique footing in the recent history of space films.

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4. Blade Runner

Both the original and the latest serve true justice to science fiction. With Ridley Scotts helming the chair of the director, Blade Runner plunges into the heart of a surreal world which introduces us to the strangest characters and environments. The film is a pure visual treat and at the same time redefines the genre by making the journey seem more like self exploration. Wether Denis Villeneuve did a better job than Ridley Scott still remains as the highly debatable question the film but to my mind Blade Runner will always remain brainchild of Mr. Scott.

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3. The Terminator

Before the time of mainstream CGI, James Cameron’s imagination took us to the future with a robot who is both gentle and tough. The killing machine played by Arnold Schwatsnegger became an instant hit among the sci-fi lovers and still holds a special place in their hearts. Terminator’s arrival set the benchmark for how robots can be written into stories to make compelling storylines. And that climax scene will always remain memorable brining tears to our eyes. l

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2. Avengers – Age of Ultron


Avengers: Age of Ultron has an eclectic set of characters who have engrained their significance into all of us by means of their likability and charisma. But when it comes to the bad guys, there is one who triumphs over above everyone else in his unending quest for destroying the saviors of the world – none other than ULTRON. His metallic build and highly sophisticated robotic mind with state of the art precision at completing every task that he takes up – makes him rise up as the most aggressive and diabolic villain the Avengers have to confront. If Ultron was to be written in as a good guy, he would have definitely gained enough popularity to have his own movie.

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1. Leon the Professional

Marking Natalie Portman’s concrete foothold into the film business, Luc Besson’s ‘Leon the professional’ tells the compelling story of a contract killer who decides to grow some friendship with a 10-year-old girl living next door. The close relationship that this film maintains with transformers is obvious. A super powerful man comes to help a vulnerable and weak member of the society. The film portrays a weak yet remarkably confident young girl who decides to hang out with a man who has washed his hands many a times with other people’s blood. She unknowingly fills him with love and compassion and he ultimately decides to help the girl get to better living circumstances.

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