My Name Is Vendetta Ending, Explained: Why Does Sofia Kill Michele?

The Italian action thriller movie ‘My Name Is Vendetta’ revolves around the motto “kill or be killed.” Alessandro Gassmann, Remo Girone, and Ginevra Francesconi feature in this Cosimo Gomez directorial. It recounts the revenge expedition of the father-daughter duo, Santo and Sofia. Santo and Sofia watch their family get murdered by members of the mafia. Therefore, they gear up to exact revenge.

The movie features gore, violence, family legacies, and the ultimate quest for victory. With a fast-paced plot and thrilling action sequences, the film is bound to leave viewers puzzled. If you’re scrambling for answers regarding the ending of ‘My Name Is Vendetta,’ we got your back! Here is everything you need to know! SPOILERS AHEAD!

My Name Is Vendetta Plot Synopsis

The movie opens with a happy family cheering on their competitive daughter, who is playing ice hockey. Both her parents are super proud to see her win the game. As promised, Santo takes Sofia to practice off-road driving in the mountains after winning the game. They talk, laugh, and have a great time together. This shows the strong bond between the father and the daughter. Santo is a strong man but melts quickly for his beloved daughter.

Despite Santo disagreeing, Sofia posts his picture on Instagram to show off her adventure and her badass dad. Thus, alerting the Lo Bianco crime family that has been looking for Santo ever since he killed one of their sons. Soon, Don Angelo’s men, Marino Gallo and Rudi Crisara barge into their house to kill Santo and his family. Santo is at the factory, while Sofia manages to run away. When the head of the Lo Bianco empire, Don Angelo, learns that Santo has escaped, he commands his men to keep at it and kill him at any cost.

Sofia deals with her mother’s death and urges Santo to answer her questions. She is left confused and enraged after the incident. After reaching an abandoned building, Santo consoles her and tells her about his past. He reveals his real name – Domenico Franzé, and his ties to the ‘Ndragheta. Moreover, he explains his past actions and why he decided to leave that life and start afresh. We see Santo taking out his stash of guns, money, and passports. This shows how well-prepared and equipped he is to handle such situations. He planned for this beforehand and did not want to leave things to chance.

Santo ventures out alone to find the people responsible. Although he knows Don Angelo sent the men to kill him, he wants to know who pulled the trigger. In the meanwhile, Sofia gets agitated after learning her father’s truth. Even though Santo prohibits her from making any calls, Sofia disregards that and calls her boyfriend, Hakim. Angelo’s men had been tracking them and got their location. While escaping, Hakim gets shot in the head, and Marino kidnaps Sofia. At the last second, like a true savior, Santo fights him off and kills him. But he gets injured in the struggle.

Sofia tries to find a hospital to get first aid for her father. She finds none, but ultimately an abortion facility, fronting as a warehouse, come to her support. Like the chase of a cat and a mouse, Angelo’s men find them again. Santo and Sofia fight with everything they have and nearly escape death. They plan to kidnap Angelo’s son, Michele, and hold him captive until Angelo admits to his crimes and surrenders.

What they don’t know is that Michele is not Angelo’s most loved son. Angelo regrets the day his other son died and wished it had been Michele instead. Angelo sends his men to rescue Michele, but they can’t save him. The film reaches its climax with Santo choking Angelo to death after killing all his men.

My Name Is Vendetta Ending: What Happens to Santo?

Santo’s precision killing and his past as an enforcer come into the picture when he embarks on his quest for revenge. He plans his every move and thinks it through before taking action. From stashed money and weapons to silently killing every man that stands in his way, he proves to be an experienced man with a troubled past. Santo and Sofia plan to hold Michele captive and defeat Angelo. But, along the way, he realizes it won’t work out. He makes another plan and goes after Angelo by himself.

In a heroic feat, Santo fights off all armed men and guards at Don Angelo’s mansion. He singlehandedly gets to Angelo and chokes him to death with utmost ease. Santo exacts his revenge poetically and leaves Angelo gasping for breath. He believes this will end their family rivalry, and the coming generations might live peacefully.

Santo calls Sofia and tells her how their plan did not work out. In reality, it does work out but with one tweak. It was his plan all along to get his revenge and then leave Sofia by herself. The resilient father protects his daughter from getting harmed by his past actions. Santo surrenders before the police, who shoot him at sight. He dies in an effort to leave his daughter out of the mess of this rivalry. In reality, his death means Sofia is left all alone, with no one by her side.

It is heartbreaking to see such a strong, fearless man die ruthlessly. However, this is the price he has to pay for his past crimes. Even though he remained innocent after marrying his wife, Ingrid, the police were unaware of his aversion to crime. The death of his family pulled him back into the world of violence and crime. Nevertheless, he died a hero after fulfilling his mission of getting revenge.

Why Does Michele Visit Sofia?

After Angelo and Santo’s death, things seem to look up for the Franzé and Lo Bianco families. Michele is the last living Lo Bianco heir, whereas Sofia is the last Franzé. Being a minor, Sofia is held by the police while she awaits trial. She is seen in comfortable accommodation where she spends her days.

Surprisingly, Michele visits Sofia and brings her chocolate. Clearly, he has ulterior motives, and thus, Sofia cuts to the chase. Michele offers a helping hand when Sofia gets out of this misery scot-free. He informs her that he had her charges removed and she will soon be a free woman. Michele is revealed to be a rival yet again, appearing to be friendly and congenial. A backstabber in nature, Michele extends a hand of friendship only to ruin Sofia. Michele leaves Sofia with his business card. He asks her to visit the office whenever she needs any kind of help.

Michele hides behind the promise of a truce while planning on obliterating her the second he gets the chance. He reveals this to Ferrario, who helps him access the security footage to track Santo and Sofia. He plans his revenge as Santo kills Angelo, Michele’s dad. While Santo believes the rivalry will end with him and Angelo, Michele has other plans. Even though Michele does not love his father much, he thinks he must avenge his death. Moreover, Angelo is always seen being rude and unloving towards Michele. It’s clear he loves his other son more because Michele does not take up weapons and only takes care of the business and money.

Why Does Sofia Kill Michele?

In the movie’s third act, we see Sofia come into her own. She becomes a true fighter like her dad. Earlier in the film, Santo trains her and tells her the points in a body that one should hit to get the desired result. Sofia pays close attention to the same. We see her resemble Santo and his instincts in more ways than one. That’s also one of the reasons why they get along so well and understand each other.

For instance, in the initial hockey match, Sofia gets impulsive and attacks a rival team member. While her mother gets worried about her anger, Santo agrees with Sofia’s actions and expresses that one should not stand muted in the face of an attack. This shows how the father and the daughter share traits like fierceness, resilience, and a reckless fighter spirit.

They also share a mutual love for the book ‘The Call of The Wild,’ which clearly states the rules of the jungle. Santo has always followed the mantra “kill or be killed” and learned to be merciless in the wild. Sofia picks up the same cues and learns a thing or two from her badass dad. She recognizes the backstabbing nature of Michele when he comes to visit her. Sofia sees through his lies and resolves not to trust him.

Soon after, Sofia runs away from the facility she is staying at. She makes her way to Michele’s offices and comes face to face with his rival. Sofia calls out his busted truce when Michele believes she is here for the help he offered. In a split second, she uses her dad’s knife to kill him and praise Franzé’s name. Sofia brings life to her dad’s mantra. As it turns out, that rule applies not only to the wilderness of the jungle but also to the wild world of mafia and blood rivalries. She also learns how mercy is a sign of weakness.

Sofia kills Michele because if she hadn’t, Michele would have tracked her down and killed her instead. She continues her father’s legacy by being a Franzé in name and essence. Sofia heads out of the office with her head held high after killing a person for the very first time. She seems to like the taste of revenge and violence.

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