Bob Odenkirk’s Nobody 2 Starts Filming in Winnipeg in January

Hutch Mansell and his exploits will return to the Gateway to the West! The filming of the action thriller ‘Nobody 2,’ starring Bob Odenkirk, will start in Winnipeg, Manitoba, on January 6. Derek Kolstad and Ilya Naishuller, who wrote and directed the original movie, respectively, have reunited to make the sequel.

In the first film, Hutch Mansell, an unassuming family man, reveals his hidden past as an elite assassin after a home invasion. Initially viewed as weak for not defending his family, Hutch’s true capabilities emerge when he brutally defends a young woman from thugs on a bus, attracting the attention of the Russian crime lord, Yulian Kuznetsov. As Yulian’s men pursue him, Hutch sends his family to safety and prepares for battle, converting his father-in-law’s factory into a trap-filled fortress. With the help of his father and brother, he eliminates Yulian and his mobsters. Released by the police after a mysterious call, Hutch resumes a normal life, but a phone call hints at more trouble ahead.

In the sequel to ‘Nobody,’ viewers can expect a deeper exploration of Hutch Mansell’s backstory and future conflicts, teased by the ending of the first film. The post-credits scene suggests that David and Harry will have significant roles in the follow-up. Mirroring the ‘John Wick‘ franchise, the sequel is likely to deliver intensified action and stunning visuals. According to Connie Nielsen, the storyline will place greater emphasis on family struggles, with Hutch’s past causing upheaval in his once-idyllic family life. This narrative angle promises a level of intrigue uncommon in typical action films. In addition to showcasing Odenkirk’s action-hero skills, ‘Nobody 2’ is expected to capitalize on his dramatic acting abilities.

Kolstad, renowned for his work on the ‘John Wick’ franchise, is anticipated to deliver another thrilling, action-packed narrative. Producer Kelly McCormick assured fans that the sequel will be exceptional, acknowledging the high expectations and pressure to create a standout follow-up. She emphasized the team’s commitment to quality, stating, “So, our theory is you don’t need to make a good sequel just to make a sequel. We need to make a great sequel. And so it’s about making sure that we get it right.”

‘Nobody 2’ will likely feature familiar faces, led by Bob Odenkirk as Hutch Mansell. Although official confirmation is pending, Connie Nielsen has expressed excitement about reprising her character, Becca. The returning cast will likely include RZA as Harry Mansell and Michael Ironside as Eddie Williams. Additionally, Colin Salmon as The Barber, Christopher Lloyd as David Mansell, Billy MacLellan as Charlie Williams, Gage Munroe as Blake Mansell, and Paisley Cadorath as Abby Mansell are expected to be among the returnees.

The 2021 original film was also filmed in Winnipeg. Other popular productions to make use of the region include the action movie ‘Violent Night‘ as well as Liam Neeson’s action-thriller ‘The Ice Road.’

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